2 Crazy Questions

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2 Crazy Questions, that will lead you to ask two more: 

Do you remember the scene from Mary Poppins where she and Bert and the children are riding on the carousel and suddenly they break free and go galavanting across the countryside? 

Sometimes I think about that scene when I look at my calendar during this pandemic year and wonder about the carousel I am on and what it might look like if the narrative were to unexpectedly change and instead of sameness there was adventure. It would be both good and bad. 

Or I think about it when I’m feeling frustrated with goals I want to go after and then consistently send to the back burner. A carousel of intention, hopefulness, planning and setting aside. Maybe someday those dreams will break free and become something. And that would be good and bad. 

Or I think about it on days when I’m not the best parent, wife or friend. Because usually the ways I feel like I fall short are consistent, I’ve been here before, I’ll be here again.

Or I think about it when I wrestle with the 5-10lbs I seem to carousel on and off my body. What would it look like to break free of the carousel? Which version of myself would be the free one? There would be good and bad in both. 

I’m not suggesting that carousels are bad; those kids were enjoying them cheering “Tallyho! Tallyho!”, until Mary Poppins busted them free. But life carousels are a reality and maybe they are for a reason. Usually we repeat behaviors because we get something out of them, they keep us alive, they’re comfortable. 

Do you have carousels you’re on right now? Life carousels? Diet carousels (you see the same 10 lbs)? Movement carousels (can’t get full squat depth because of poor ankle mobility, but also don’t work on ankle mobility??)


  1. What is GOOD about NOT changing?

What is working for you if you don’t? What are the benefits of staying the same?

  1. What would be BAD about changing?

If you changed, what might you have to give up or lose? How would your regular routine be disrupted?


  1. What might be GOOD about changing?

If you changed, how would that be helpful or beneficial? What new opportunities or possibilities could open up?

  1. What might be BAD about NOT changing?

If you didn’t change, what bad things could happen? If you keep going the way you’re going, what might things look like in the future (say, 10 years from now)?

If you want to talk about the diet and nutrition carousel that you are on set up a time to talk with one of our nutrition coaches. If you want to work on a movement carousel set up some personal training sessions to get some accountability to work on ankle mobility. 

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