“Since attending the grand opening at CrossFit Tradewinds a year ago, I have positively changed my life and am becoming a stronger, healthier, and overall, a better version of myself. Everyone is there for the same reason and through each workout we do, we are there to support one another and cheer everyone on. Over the course of the past year, I have seen many improvements in what I am capable of doing and part of that is because I have people cheering me on and not letting me give up even when I feel like I can’t keep moving or doing another movement.

I remember going through the Elements program with Coach Andy and thinking how hard single unders were and how difficult it was to break parallel in a squat. Since then, both those things have become much easier to me and I am actually trying to work with getting double unders and moving more weight when I squat, whether it be overhead, back, or front squats. It is improvements like these that motivate me to keep on going. I remember the first time I ever was capable of getting 100lb overhead from the ground and I remember how proud I was of myself and how far I have come. For me, that was a goal that I have been working on and finally crossed off my list, and now I can continue to keep working and continue to keep achieving my goals and creating new ones.         

CrossFit Tradewinds isn’t just a place for me to work out, but it is much more; it is like my second home. All the coaches are awesome and have taught me so much. The owners, Andy and Mary are fantastic and take care of us athletes and make the atmosphere and environment a place that I always want to keep going back to.  I found a place that made me feel comfortable and allows me to be myself. I made friends that are always supporting one another and wants to see all of us succeed together.  I found a place that helps me become a better version of myself and look forward to going every day!”

-Sunny Rosenthal