Being Comfortable with Getting Uncomfortable

As I am sitting here, writing this blog right now, I’m currently getting pretty uncomfortable. The first thing you might be wondering is why? That would be because I am inside of my home sauna with the heat cranked all the way up and sweat starting to pour off my skin. The second thing you might be wondering is why and how do you even have a home sauna? To which I do have to clarify, my home sauna is literally a pop-up tent with a small steam generator that does crank the temp but it’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

One of the reasons I wanted a sauna at home was because of all the positive health benefits to heat therapy. That’s really a topic for another day. But another important reason to me is that I think it is important on a very regular basis to do some thing that makes you uncomfortable.

Now this can mean a lot of different things. Technically every time you come work out in the gym with us you are accomplishing this task. As long as you are a little bit uncomfortable and pushing slightly out of your comfort zone, progress is being made.

But the longer we do this, the more we have to find new ways to challenge ourselves and get uncomfortable.

The point of getting uncomfortable is not to elicit pain or anything even close to that. The point is to do something that may be scares you. Maybe it makes you nervous. Maybe it gives you butterflies. Maybe it just straight up is something that you do not want to do, but you know deep down, you should do it.

Getting uncomfortable is about challenging yourself, and pushing that limit of what you think you are capable of. Because at the end of the day we are capable of so much more than we think.

So, as I sit in the sauna, sweating, wanting nothing more than the sweet relief of opening the door to the cool air of my apartment, I dig a little bit deeper. I find that little part of me that knows I can go a little bit longer, I can challenge myself a little bit more, because I know, although I’m uncomfortable now the benefit to this discomfort will help me in the long run.

The more we push that limit in getting uncomfortable, the further we can go. And the more we expand that tolerance for the discomfort, the less challenging, the little things in life feel.

So, if nothing else, I challenge you guys to do something, maybe even just one thing this next week that makes you a little bit uncomfortable. Sign up for one of our upcoming events, find your own equivalent to the sauna, try an earlier morning class even though you know it might be hard.

Whatever it may be, do what you can to get uncomfortable because in the long run, you know it will pay off.