Build Your House

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The other day, I was running down Shore Drive. Despite being in the pain cave of running in the heat with legs still sore from Monday’s back squats, I noticed a brick house. As I ran by, I started to think about how many bricks that house could possibly be made of. Was it hundreds? Thousands even? 


I thought about how much manual labor went into laying every single brick, and how much effort went into building that house. It didn’t go up overnight of course, it took time and meticulous effort. I thought about someone (probably even more than one person) constructing that house, brick by brick by brick. 


Maybe you can see where this is going by now… 


If we think about our individual fitness journey’s, it’s a lot like building a brick house, with no roof. Every single day that you show up, workout that you complete, rep that you work for, is a brick in your house. 


Some of these bricks make up the foundation, crucial to the structure of everything overall. You wouldn’t try to install the front door before having the walls, right? 


Some of these bricks go in the middle of the walls, surrounded by hundreds of others. But, without every single brick before it, around it, after it, the house could not have progressed. 


If you are first starting out your fitness journey, understand that it will take time to lay this foundation of bricks, but it will happen. Every single day in the gym is full of opportunities to build, learn and grow. 


If you have taken a pause or hiatus from the gym, know that your house hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s still there, fully intact, ready to be built on again. There is no such thing as starting over from scratch in fitness. Every rep you put in, leaves an impact that lasts and can be built on no matter what. 


If you have been in the gym for months to a year, know that you have developed an awesome foundation, and probably multiple levels to your house of bricks. So keep going! There is room to grow, expand and continue to make progress. Again every ounce of energy that goes into working on yourself builds things up, even if you can’t see it. 


If you’re beyond the point of growing into fitness, you’ve been in the gym for years and consider yourself a consistent athlete, know that there is no ceiling in fitness. You can continue to reinforce the walls or what you have built for your entire life, and continue to build up as high as you want. There is always room to grow, new avenues to explore, new challenges to take on. Just leave it up to your coach to give you a push in the right direction! 


No matter where you find yourself in your fitness journey right now, know that every single thing you are doing to better yourself and your health counts. It is all important, day to day we can get lost in the process, but in the grand scheme of things everything is progress. So build your house, lay down one brick at a time, be proud of it, and be sure to step back and admire everything you have worked for as often as you can. 


Use the link below if you are interested in building your house with us at TW! 


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