Coach Colleen

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Colleen has been an athlete at Tradewinds since August 2020 and joined our coaching team in March 2021. While she may be a teacher by day, (Hi Ms. I, we see you), she is a strong and powerful athlete and compassionate and caring coach at TW throughout all her time in between. If you know Coach Colleen you know not only is she TONS of fun, she also goes above and beyond to contribute to our athletes individual success and to the success of our team. Please join us today to celebrate all things Colleen. 


TW – Where are you originally from? Have you lived in other places?
Colleen – I am originally from Easton, MA and lived there until I went to NH for college! I loved it up there so much, I pretty much never came home until I graduated. I’ve bopped around since then from Somerville to Southie, and have now settled in Quincy, MA. I’m a South Shore girl for sure, but would LOVE to live in NH again one day.


TW – What is one of your first memories as a Coach at TW?
Colleen – I became a coach after I was a TW athlete for about a year and a half. I was able to be trained as a coach by some pretty wonderful people who I’d been in class with for a while! I remember my very first 8AM Saturday class that I coached alone. It was the same day the mask restriction was lifted and everyone came in with such a high energy. It was packed! I remember being SO nervous that athletes would have a hard time seeing me transition to a coach after knowing me as an athlete, but my fears were immediately assuaged by this specific class. Everyone was welcoming and I felt so supported. It was the moment I knew I made the right choice.


TW – If you could program your dream WOD, what would it be?
Colleen – The running joke is that I complain about pretty much every movement ever. However, there are a few things I would LOVE in a WOD! My dream workout would be a nice long GRIND-style workout with barbell clean and jerks where you increase weight each round or every 10 min. There would probably also be running involved, and maybe some pull ups. All I know is there would be NO snatches or front squats. Those are not allowed in my dream!!

TW – What is your proudest accomplishment since joining TW?
Colleen – I am proud of myself for becoming a better, more mindful athlete in general. I used to have a competitive mindset and would skim reps or use shitty form just to keep up with the people around me. Since being coached and coaching others at TW, I have really come to respect and understand the beauty in going at a pace that works for you and have truly started to focus on quality reps. I never would have done that 5 years ago- I’d be too embarrassed! I obviously like the fact that I look and feel so much stronger, but when it comes down to it, I’m most proud of the fact that I care enough about myself and my wellness to do things right. I am also truly proud of the fact that I have been a part of other athlete’s accomplishments. I love knowing that I was there to cheer on a big PR or accomplishment for someone else. Not saying I want to take credit, of course, but it’s so beautiful to watch other people succeed in something they may not have been sure they could even do. I love being a part of it and am proud to say that I have been!

TW – What is your favorite song/type of music you like to workout to?
Colleen – I like semi-aggressive music when I workout 🙂 My favorites include Enter Sandman, HUMBLE, 99 Problems, Misery Business, etc. However, I will NEVER say no to a workout playlist that includes Taylor Swift.

TW – How has TW helped you in your everyday life
Colleen – Tradewinds has given me a confidence I’m not sure I knew I had. As an athlete, this community has showed me that I am physically capable of more than I thought. As a coach, it has given me a sense of purpose and contentment in my life.

TW – What is your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?
Colleen – I really love to try new breweries! I am big into the outdoors and love to hike, kayak, bike, etc. I’m a huge reader and writer and try to spend a lot of my free time doing that, although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also watch a lot of TV and online shop (if you know, you know). I also just recently got a puppy named Quinn, and have already decided that hanging out with her is my new favorite hobby 🙂

TW – What is one major thing you have learned as a coach?
Colleen – Being a coach has shown me that truly everyone is capable of achieving something beyond what they believed they could do. I see it firsthand every day! I have also learned in the value of connecting with others in your health and wellness journey. It’s such a common thought that we like to workout alone, in fear of embarrassment. I used to feel the same, but have really learned in the importance of a wellness community. It motivates you to keep going and pushes you to new places.


Also, in case you missed it last month during our Tea Tuesday Series, here are some additional fun facts about Coach Colleen:

  • I got my “start in fitness” when I was 13…as a dance instructor for 7-9 year olds. I worked at my studio all throughout high school!
  • I’ve been a dancer and singer from a young age and have been in show choir, an a cappella group, my staff band, and a wedding band my friend put together.
  • My dream as a teenager was to live in a VW Bus and sell photography…it didn’t work out for multiple reasons lol
  • In middle school, my entire bedroom was dedicated to The Jonas Brothers (there are pictures to prove this, and they are HORRIFYING)
  • I was editor in chief of my college newspaper!
  • I have a webbed toe (yes, you read that right)

Colleen, thank you for always bringing the fun and energy to share with each of us every day! You are never short on smiles and lots of laughs and we are so grateful and appreciative of all of that and much much more.Thank you!