Coach Gabby

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Gabby joined our TW family in February 2021, and we’ve never been the same since. Gabby brings so much drive and passion to everything she does and everyone she works with. Her knowledge and love for growth both inside and out is positively infectious. She cares deeply and knows just how to push each person to be their absolute best in all the right ways. Please join us today to celebrate all things Gabby. 


TW – Where are you originally from? Have you lived in other places?
Gabby – Originally I am from Ipswich MA. I grew up there until I moved to Rhode Island to attend URI. I spent just over 4 years living in Narragansett with a brief stint in Perth Australia the summer going into my senior year!


TW – What is one of your first memories as a Coach at TW?
Gabby – My first memory is coming in to try a class as a part of my interview process. I remember the workout involved the assault bike and that I was next to Trish, who pushed me to go harder! As soon as I left that workout I remember texting Andy that I wanted to be a part of this gym, whatever it took I knew this was a community I wanted to be apart of.


TW – If you could program your dream WOD, what would it be?
Gabby – My dream WOD would involve barbell cleans, running, box jumps, and jump rope! I like a grind so likely a 35 minute AMRAP with all of those.


TW – What is your proudest accomplishment since joining TW?
Gabby – My proudest accomplishment since joining TW has been pushing myself outside my comfort zone. Trying to work on Olympic lifting is as much of a challenge for me as it is for anyone else, but it is such an awesome learning opportunity. Also I’ve tried a lot of new things since joining, from CrossFit comps to triathlon to Spartan it’s awesome to see where fitness can take you.


TW – What is your favorite song/type of music you like to workout to?
Gabby – I love house music so basically anything that’s upbeat and light, something to really move to!


TW – How has TW helped you in your everyday life?
Gabby – I feel like TW gives me the confidence to push myself in all domains of life. Knowing I have this community and outlet allows me to continuously try to be the best version possible of myself both in and out of the gym. Not to mention I can carry all the groceries in one trip!


TW – What is your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?
Gabby – I live for the beach and the ocean. Sitting in the sun by the water is my happy place and luckily there’s one right down the street !


TW – What is one major thing you have learned as a coach?
Gabby – Everything about this community has made me a better person. I’ve met and coached so many incredible and unique people and they have all taught me more than they could ever imagine. Tradewinds holds a special place in my heart and everyday I feel lucky to be a part of it.


Also, in case you missed it last month during our Tea Tuesday Series, here are some additional fun facts about Coach Gabby:

  • My first ever sport was ballet, I was the only person in class who couldn’t do a somersault because I was afraid to be upside down
  • I have broken both my collar bone and my arm, both were before the age of 5, both were due to my own clumsiness
  • I have been mildly electrocuted… twice !
  • My first ever car was named Geroldine, and each one since then has been renamed in her honor (currently on G3 cannot recommend the Toyota Rav4 enough)
  • My favorite meal in the entire world is the Australian take on chicken parm… breaded chicken, red sauce, cheese, but served with crispy potatoes and salad instead of pasta. I consumed an overwhelming amount of this dish while I studied abroad there my Junior year of college!

Gabby, thank you for pouring your heart into everything you do and everyone you work with at TW. Our lives are infinitely more amazing with you in all of our corners. We’re forever grateful for how much you share and how much you care. Thank you, thank you!!