Coaches Spotlight – Coach Carla

Coach Carla has been a dedicated athlete and coach at CrossFit Tradewinds since before our inception. She frequented some of our park workouts & driveway WODs. She also helped pull together the Tradewinds space we all know and love. From late night pizza paint parties, to all of our internal and external CrossFit competitions and events, she’s been there with us for it all. She’s competed in local team & individual CrossFit competitions, taking 1st place in her first ever competition, and 2nd place in her first RX competition.

Carla is a machine when it comes to working out and she is an integral part of the Tradewinds Community. She is also one of the most motivational and hardworking individuals around. Her passion to better not only her life, but the lives of others is inspiring. And her commitment to the Tradewinds community is unparalleled. We’ve never met someone who loves to workout quite as much as Coach Carla does, it truly is amazing. Some of you may think she’s a tough judge with her “No Rep!” flag usually close by, but at the end of the day she wants nothing but the best for each of her athletes and for the fantastic Tradewinds Community. Words can only begin to express our gratitude and appreciation for everything she has done and continues to do for CFT. Thank you Coach Carla for all your hardwork and dedication! To many more years and even more PRs!

Click here to check out s video of some of Carla’s photos over the years!

Carla’s Interview Spotlight:

Favorite Workouts: Diane, Grace, or Isabel

Favorite Movements: Handstand push-ups & squat snatch

Favorite thing to do outside of the gym: Spend time with her husband Marco & go out to eat.

Favorite Food: Cheese and Bon Me sandwiches

Favorite Coaching Memory: Last year’s blizzard when everyone showed up regardless of the 2 feet of snow.

Favorite Tradewinds Memory: Friday Night Lights during the open

What keeps her motivated: The desire to be better everyday

Greatest Accomplishment at the gym: My 105 unbroken wall balls or my 210# front squat

Biggest Goal for 2018: Muscle-ups

Advice: “Be patient… There is a learning curve to CrossFit… Don’t get frustrated with what you can’t do when you start… It’ll come with work & effort!”