Control the Controllable

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In life there are an infinite number of things that are out of our control. Through no fault of our own, we simply cannot decide the way certain things are going to happen. 


We cannot control traffic, the weather, kids getting sick, spouses having conflicting schedules, people’s behavior around us, etc. Those are just a few on a list of very long things we cannot control. Kind of intimidating right? It can be, but that’s alright because we can talk about how to manage things that are controllable, as well as our reactions to the things that are not. 


Let’s relate it back to the health and fitness space. You may be thinking, “yes you get me! I can’t control that my schedule is whacky and I don’t have time for the gym, or that I was too busy to eat lunch so I skipped it/ate chips from the vending machine, or that I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up all night binge watching the newest Netflix show”. Well, I am glad you thought of or related to those things, but those are actually the controllables. 


Let’s be honest there are things you can control, even if they seem impossible. Yes you cannot control that your kid has the flu, and you have to stay home with them all week. So that is an example of when it is okay not to workout, right? Nope! You know you can text your coach for an at home version of today’s WOD or some bodyweight exercises that will keep you moving and on track. 


“But Coach, here’s one I actually can’t control. My office is having a retirement party, and everyone chipped in for pizza, cake and sodas. I paid for it, I can’t help that those are the options!” Incorrect again my friend! You can pick and choose your vice for the day, sure you helped pay for the goodies, but does that mean you have to consume ALL the options? You know the answer. Maybe you still bring your feel-good salad with chicken or whole grain wrap packed with the things that fill you up, so you can still enjoy a piece of cake. You can also control the entirety of your day’s meals AKA have a great protein packed breakfast so you don’t need to binge on those more decadent options. Or mix in the fruits and veggies you missed out on at that meal with your dinner or snacks. 


Alright let’s do one more for old time’s sake… It’s 11pm on a weeknight. You just got yourself to bed and are ready to knock out when you get that feeling. You can’t sleep. No matter how much you toss, turn, count sheep it just won’t work. “Coach seriously. I can’t control that it’s just my body’s nature, and the only thing that gets me back to sleep is the TV or scrolling endlessly through cooking videos on Facebook. I’m gonna have to skip that 8am class.” Incorrect for the final time you sweet soul. One of the most powerful tools we have is our breathing. There are tons of resources for techniques on how to slow both your heart rate and calm your mind simultaneously, rather than adding to the stimulation like screens do. Couple minutes and you’ll be sleeping like a baby, ready for that early morning wake up call to get to your workout. Again, something we can control with a simple choice. 


Sure there are things in life that are not controllable, but there are more things that are. And what is most controllable, is our reaction to it all. So keep an open mind, and next time you find yourself hopping on the excuse train, pause, reframe and think about what you could do to control your situation. Stay positive friends! 


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