Every Rep Counts

“Every rep counts…” this might be something that you have heard me say often in the last few weeks. This concept is not new, however it does have new meaning lately. 

It’s no secret that the gym is all about reps. We count reps, we track reps, we put in hundreds of thousands of reps over the course of a lifetime in the gym. On a big scale, each rep is miniscule. A drop in the bucket, a grain of sand on the beach, a single stroke on the canvas of a painting. 

In the grand scheme of things, it might not seem like each individual rep makes all that big of a difference… but it truly does. 

Every rep we perform is progress towards a greater goal. Want to do a bodyweight pull up? That’s an accumulation of tons of progressions, jumping, using  the band, using the rings etc. That one single rep of a bodyweight pull up simply cannot happen without all of the reps that came before it. 

Want to run a 5k? That starts with one single step. And every step after that counts towards carrying us to that goal. Every single time we pick up our foot and move ourselves forward, it visibly counts in moving towards that 5k landmark. 

So whether you are having the best day of your life, or the lowest of lows, every single time you come into the gym and put in rep after rep, it all counts. 

Every time we fail, those reps taught us something. Whether it feels like it or not, we can learn from it, take away what we can, move on and do better in the next rep. 

Every time we tweak our form and go again, the rep before that leads to us making those improvements. And every time we improve upon that last rep, it propels us towards the next best one. And then the next best one, and so on and so forth. 

We are only as good as our next rep, what matters is just that we have respect for every single attempt we make, and are proud of every rep, because it all counts. 

We are coming up on an amazing opportunity to put this mindset to the test with our Step-A-Thon! Whether you are looking to improve your step count, maintain it or challenge it, every single step we take is working towards a greater goal. That first step is what sparks us getting towards 1 million, and it happens one rep at a time.