Goddess Flow for Hips

Hi, I’m coach Mary from Tradewinds Health + Fitness and welcome to another Flexy Friday.

For today’s Flexy Friday, we’re going to go through a hip opener and inner thigh opener. The benefits of this are great, we’ve been sitting a lot or we’ve been running a lot. And so those hips can get really tight, as well as the inner thighs. So we’re going to go through several different variations of these stretches and these movements and kind of a flow. In order to help us open it up and feel better overall. There’s no specific amount of time you should spend in each one of these movements. Just listen to your body, do what feels good, and remember to breathe.

Coach Mary is an Owner and Chief Joy Officer at Tradewinds. She started her fitness journey playing team sports in soccer, cheerleading, and track & field. During college she was introduced to yoga and continues to practice . Mary recently received her Masters in Business Administration. Now she is often found working on her handstand walk and thinking up new ways to get people to smile.