Good Things Come To Those Who Don’t Wait

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You’ve probably heard that saying, “good things come to those who wait” it’s very common, a tribute to patience being rewarded. Well, in some cases I definitely think this is true. If I am waiting for an important package, there’s not much else I can do besides have patience and eagerly anticipate its arrival. I can’t physically go track it down and get it delivered faster, that’s just not how it works. Same thing in a restaurant when I am waiting for my food, all I can do is have patience. It isn’t going to come any faster if I nag my waiter (don’t be that person) and it’s not like I can go hop behind the line and cook it myself (or at least that would be highly frowned upon). 


So in these cases, patience is key. Good things come to me because I waited and am rewarded for that. 


However, in the fitness space, I think good things come to those who DON’T wait, actually quite the opposite. If you are someone who is goal driven and oriented, that’s great. But it’s one thing to set those goals, and a completely different thing to set out to actually  achieve them. 


Let’s say I want to run a half marathon. I can say that to myself, boom easy. But what happens next is what really matters. 


First, I need to speak that goal into existence. Tell someone, literally anyone. Tell your pet, your mailman, an acquaintance at work. That’s progress, better yet tell someone close to you, a friend, gym buddy or best of all… your beloved Coach :). Whoever it is, don’t wait, just tell them. 


Now your goal is out there in the universe, someone besides you knows about it so there is a layer of accountability that wasn’t there before. Just knowing you said so is a little bit of positive peer pressure to actually pursue it. 

Next, actually set out to do what you desire. If I want to run a race, I need to find one and register. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons and can be done in seconds however it can be the hardest part. Once you have committed to the goal it means you have also committed yourself to it. Thus can be the scary part, thoughts of doubt, failure, general negativity might creep in. My best advice: don’t overthink it. If it’s what you really want, you’ll do it. Whatever your goal is, don’t wait, set it in motion. 

Last comes the fun part; the process. Goals are great, but it is the process of getting to the end goal that we need to learn to appreciate. It’s the sweat, hard work, hours, grit and determination that makes long term goals worth achieving. The actual accomplishment is just the icing on the cake. Don’t get me wrong, it is an awesome feeling to cross that finish line, hear the crowd cheering, get the medal, sit back and admire your achievement. But that is one small part of the entire journey. Looking back on all the effort that was put in to get there is the real achievement. Whatever you do, don’t wait, appreciate your process. 

This mentality can be applied to all goals big or small. If I want to do a 20” box jump, I’m not going to get there by never jumping. So start stacking some plates and build up to that box inch by inch. If I want to do a pull up, I’m not going to get there by half heartedly doing ring rows every time we have pull ups in a workout. Start building that strength, challenge yourself to pursue a more difficult version and stay consistent in your pursuit. 


Point being, if you wait around for your goals, you’ll always find yourself doing just that; waiting. I believe there is so much we are capable of.  And a lot of it we would never know because we are waiting for whatever reason to actually go for it. 


So don’t wait, go get them. Because in this case good things come to those who DON’T wait. 

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