June 2024 Athlete of the Month

We are so proud to announce our June 2024 Athlete of the Month is… Casey Fanning! 

Casey has remained a pillar of the TW community for multiple years now. She brightens our day with just her presence and kind demeanor. She brings a level of fun to every class she attends, whether that be getting after a hard workout with a good attitude or chiming into the hilarious banter that typically ensues at 5pm. The TW team has had the pleasure of seeing her grow into the strong, capable, confident athlete that she is today, all while encouraging her fellow classmates (and even her lovely parents) to work hard and set goals. Casey has grown because of her ability to push herself, find new challenges, and work hard consistently. She is constantly raising the bar and coming up with new goals to work towards. Casey is kind, respectful, compassionate, and overall just a pleasure to coach and workout alongside. We are thankful everyday for athletes like Casey- keep doing you girl we appreciate you! 

TW: Where are you from?

Casey: I am from East Boston and have lived there my entire life.

TW: What do you do for work?

Casey: I am a 6th grade English Teacher

TW: How long have you been at Tradewinds? 

Casey: I am going on 2 years! I can’t believe it.

TW: What motivated you to try Tradewinds? 

Casey: My family really motivated me to try it out. My sister, brother-in-law, and mother were all members at Tradewinds and they absolutely loved the community and the programming. I was trying to find something that was sustainable and I would love to do!

TW: What group class do you usually attend? 

Casey: I am usually a 5 pm girl but I get the occasional 5:30 am and 7 am in. 

TW: Did you have a fitness background prior to starting at Tradewinds? 

Casey: I was a college athlete and sort of lost my motivation for fitness when I graduated. I could not find something that I liked. 

TW: If you could program your dream WOD, what would it be? 

Casey: I mean you couldn’t do all of these in one WOD but cleans, snatches, thrusters, push press- literally anything with the barbell. 

TW: What is your proudest accomplishment since joining Tradewinds? 

Casey: PRing my snatch. It is a difficult lift and I worked really hard to get the technique down and it is now one of my favorite lifts.

TW: How has Tradewinds helped you in your everyday life? 

Casey: I was struggling with anxiety and stress and Tradewinds has really helped me combat both of things by having an outlet. The gym is where I get to go when something difficult is happening in my life or if I have a lot going on at work. 

TW: What do you like to do outside the gym? 

Casey: I really enjoy reading, spending time with my niece and nephews, going shopping, and now wedding planning!

TW: What is your favorite song to workout to? 

Casey: I really love Gabby’s choice of the pop punk 2000s playlist. Anything from that is great!

TW: What’s one thing you’d tell someone who is curious about trying Tradewinds but not sure if they could do it?

Casey: Just try it! It is not going to hurt you to try something new. The community is amazing and the coaches are great. If you are looking for a gym where you can do what works for you this is the place. The coaches know how to modify everything to fit your fitness journey but they also know how to push you out of your comfort zone a little bit.

AOM Closing Thoughts… 

I started at Tradewinds two years ago when there was a community beach workout (my mom and sister dragged me out of bed before sunrise). I immediately felt welcomed into this new community and felt comfortable coming back. I had my consultation with Gabby and began my 1:1s with Andy. Although I love all of the classes, the 5 PM is one of a kind, the members that take that class are kind, motivating and inspirational. I knew that this was going to be the place for me.