Letter From a Coach

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When I was in the 4th grade my dream was to become a professional soccer player. Super realistic I know… but when you are young your dreams are different and anything is possible. I didn’t even remember that was my younger self’s dream job until my mom sent me my elementary school journal. I spoke of it so casually, as if it was just what I wanted to do.


When I think about it now, my dream is not to be a professional soccer player. I enjoy playing soccer for fun casually on Tuesday nights in a coed league with my friends, but I can honestly say I have let go of the dream to go pro. 


When I was in college I realized it was my true dream to be a coach. The first time I stepped into a gym to work, rather than just work out, I knew this was for me. I was shy, quiet, intimidated and nervous as anything. The trainers at that gym taught me every fundamental in the book. They helped me learn how to work with people and make exercising fun. I could immediately get the sense that it was a place I would forever feel comfortable, not even just that gym specifically but all gyms in general. 


Fast forward a few years and I got the chance to intern at a prestigious strength and conditioning gym. They taught me so much about movement, exercise and the human body. They were the first people that showed me that coaching doesn’t have to be  just a dream, it is a profession. They taught me to believe in myself, to take myself seriously and to strive to help others. 


Ultimately my dream is to be a coach, and I have that, which I am so grateful for. But most importantly my dream is to help people, especially our athletes, achieve their goals and turn what we do into a lifestyle. 


It is difficult to express how important this role is to me, and how big of an impact each and every person that walks through the door at TW has made on my life. Every so often I’ll be walking to my car or sitting in silence and am genuinely moved to tears thinking about the amount of gratitude I feel for this place. I am seriously so grateful and lucky to get to live my dream everyday. 


Everyday in our gym is special for me. Whether we are laughing, sweating, blasting music, cursing the workout, laying on the floor, recapping the day, talking about shoes, celebrating, getting serious, or just stretching in silence, every moment means something profound to me. 


So thank you, all of you, for allowing me to live my dreams as reality everyday. I hope you always know how much you all mean to me and how much I love our gym (sometimes too much- I usually don’t want to leave:)). I can’t wait to keep sharing moments with our athletes and for all that is to come!

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