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It’s Time for the Partner Series

This year we’re shaking it up… Grab a buddy, grab a friend, heck grab a frenemy, it’s time to partner up and take on an Open style partner competition. The Tradewinds Partner Series will take place over the course of two weeks during a Friday Night Lights event. Each Thursday two workouts will be released during a Facebook live announcement. the partners will then perform the workouts that Friday night, under the lights! This will be very similar to the Open but you get to workout alongside your buddy, how awesome is that!? Pairs must be one male and one female. There will be two divisions Rx and Scaled. Pairs must complete all workouts in their chosen division, they can not do one workout Rx and one workout Scaled. Prizes will be awarded to the top team in each division.


Two Weeks

– Friday, October 5 – 7pm (Workouts 1 & 2)

– Friday, October 12 – 7pm (Workouts 3 & 4)


2 Person Teams (1 Female & 1 Male)


RX & Scaled Divisions 


By 9/9:

$25 per person | $50 per team

After 9/9:

$30 per person | $60 per team


4 workouts (2 each week)


Workouts will be announced on Thursdays 


Prizes for top finishing team in each division *We need at least 6 teams (3 in each division) for this competition to run


One person must submit to Coach Andy who their partner is and which division they will be competing in. Email Coach Andy

Movement Standards:

Rx:Handstand Push-Ups (with ratpad)Chest-To-Bar pull upsBox Jumps 24/20”Wall Balls 20/14lb 10/9’Deadlift 225/155lbClean 155/115lbSnatch 135/85lbScaled:Hand release Push-UpsJumping Pull-UpsStep-Ups 20/16”Wall Balls 14/10lb 9’Deadlift 155/115lbClean 95/65lbSnatch 65/45lbThe above metrics should help partners identify whether they will be competing in either the Rx or the Scaled division. Athletes should be able to complete the above movements with the prescribed metrics for reps. 

Need some help tracking down a partner? Or have any additional questions about this competition? Email Us!

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