Make Goals, Achieve Goals, Set New Goals

We all started a fitness journey for one reason or another. In our minds we conjured up the idea of what we wanted to get out of a program, and we probably even set some subjective goals. “Get fit,” “Tone up,” “Lose a couple pounds.” Whatever they were, they gave us a reason to walk through that door and see what this “CrossFit thing” was all about. Whether we knew it or not, we all had some sort of emotional connection to why we wanted to make a change or take a chance, and walk through that door. We had some sort of problem or need that wasn’t being fulfilled, so we took a chance to see how we might be able to discover a solution.

Whether you’re 1 week in, 3 months in, or beyond a year in, you’ve probably set more objective, measurable goals now. “Lose 5lbs,” “Get double unders,” “Get a strict pull up.” Whatever they are and whether or not you’ve achieved them, you’ve at least thought about them and are working towards them directly or indirectly. Did you write them down on the goals board? Did you tell them to a coach or a friend? What are you doing to hold yourself accountable to reach them? What are you doing to work towards them? How will you feel when you’ve accomplished your goals? What will success feel like? What will be your next goal? All important questions to continue to ask yourself to ensure you stay motivated and continue going in the right direction, the direction of the better, bigger picture.

Now, think back again to your first day. Try to remember that first time you walked through the door. Why’d you walk through the door? At the end of the day, ask yourself about your bigger picture. How does doing a pull-up, double under, muscle up, etc. make you feel? How does it impact your bigger picture? If the answer is as simple as “it just makes me feel good”, then that’s great! But it’s important to recognize why & how the things we accomplish in the gym correlate to our bigger picture. How does what you do in the gym affect your life outside the gym? Remember this answer and use it to stay focused and motivated, and to maintain your personal goals and bigger picture.

Back to the point, it’s important to set goals so we can measure the output of our efforts. So we can stay motivated, and accountable, to continue working towards and even going beyond the initial objective goals that we may have. And it’s equally important to remember why we walked through the doors on day one and why we continue to keep putting in all the work. Don’t just do things to do them, unless of course you just enjoy doing them. Do things and set goals because they will help make your life better. Fitness is a journey. It’s about finding balance in your health and wellness that set you up to create a sustainable lifestyle that allows you to enjoy all aspects of life.

Just as important as it is to set goals, it’s equally important to periodically reassess them. 3 months in, have you achieved your goals yet? If not, what are you doing to get there? How can we help you to get there? If you have, that’s great! What’s your next goal?

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