March 2021 Athlete of the Month

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Our February 2021 athlete of the month is Scott!

Scott recently transplanted back to the East Coast after living out in the San Fran area for some time with his wife. He is no stranger to fitness, but was looking for a new place to call his fitness home. He’s been going strong with us for 3 months and is a wonderful addition to our morning crew. Thanks for being apart of the Tradewinds community and always showing up to do your best! 


Athlete of the Month Interview 

Tradewinds: Where are you from?

Scott: Born and raised in Swampscott, MA, my wife and I spent the last seven years in San Francisco. We moved to Winthrop this past November.

Tradewinds: What do you do for work?

Scott: I oversee internal communications for the Sales and Customer Success organizations at Glassdoor. I also do job interview coaching on the side — reach out if you’re looking to prep for your next career move!

Tradewinds: How long have you been at Tradewinds? 

Scott: Moved to Winthrop November 2nd and was in the gym on November 4th.

Tradewinds: What motivated you to try Tradewinds? 

Scott: The community. Working out is something that I’ve been very inconsistent about. The only thing that has kept me going over time has been a great group of people to work out with. I started looking for a new gym once we knew we were leaving the West Coast.

Tradewinds: What group class do you usually attend? 

Scott: I’m usually a part of the 7:15 or 8:30 crew.

Tradewinds: Did you have a fitness background prior to starting at Tradewinds? 

Scott: Sort of. I went to San Francisco CrossFit for about 6 years, but I spent a lot of time talking shit to other people and taking water breaks.

Tradewinds: If you could program your dream workout, what would it be? 

Scott: I like any long AMRAP because I go slow… As Much Rest As Possible, am I right??? But if I were to program, I’d do something like this…

10 minute EMOM: 

Tradewinds: What is your proudest accomplishment since joining Tradewinds? 

Scott: Meeting so many great athletes!

Tradewinds: How has Tradewinds helped you in your everyday life? 

Scott: Working out is not something I jump out of bed looking forward to every day. I drag myself to the gym. But, without fail, I feel 10 times better after working out. Going to Tradewinds regularly keeps me healthy – mentally and physically – and helps me focus on not just my work, but my personal relationships, too.

Tradewinds: What do you like to do outside of the gym? 

Scott: Outside of the gym I love to play golf, cook, take my dog to parks, travel and read.

Tradewinds: What is your favorite song to workout to? 

Scott: All Night by Big Boi, but anything by Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, or Notorious BIG always get the juices flowing.

Tradewinds: What’s one thing you’d tell someone who is curious about trying Tradewinds but not sure if they could do it?

Scott: Not being sure of your ability to finish something is a terrible reason to not try it at all. 

Tomorrow, try to do 100 burpees throughout the day. If you get it… great! If you don’t… well, at least you did more burpees than you did today, right?

Final Athlete of the Month Thoughts:

My wife and I were excited to come back East but also pretty nervous. We loved our life in SF. We had good routines and good social outlets. Moving to Winthrop in the winter… during a pandemic… suffice it to say that I was pretty worried about becoming a shut-in. 

Tradewinds has offered not just the fitness outlet I knew I needed, but also a far more welcoming community than I ever could have imagined.