March 2024 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to our March 2024 Athlete of the Month… Chris McLean! 

Chris has been with us for well over a year and in that time he has truly put down roots and become a core part of our community. You can catch Chris as a morning regular at TW, always coming in with a smile and a positive attitude. Chris takes time to get to know those around him and make them feel welcomed and supported in class, a quality we admire most about him. Not to mention Chris is a workhorse in the gym as well. He works tirelessly in each and every class that he takes. Chris is also extremely coachable, always looking for ways to improve and move better. You can also catch Chris catching the occasional joke and keeping us laughing (just read his interview for evidence!), which again just contributes to the positive atmosphere he helps to cultivate in every class he participates in. Thanks Chris for always being such a wonderful part of our community and congratulations on the well deserved recognition! 

TW: Where are you from?

Chris: Originally from Medfield MA but live in Revere now

TW: What do you do for work?

Chris: Management Consulting

TW: How long have you been at Tradewinds?

Chris: About a year and a half

TW: What motivated you to try Tradewinds?

Chris: I wanted to get back in shape but with workouts that I enjoy

TW: What group class do you usually attend?

Chris: The 7:00 am class

TW: Did you have a fitness background prior to starting at Tradewinds?

Chris: Yes, I grew up playing hockey and have been boxing since college

TW: If you could program your dream WOD, what would it be?

Chris: 20 minutes on the assault bike followed by 20 minutes of burpees followed by 20 minutes of rest

TW: What is your proudest accomplishment since joining Tradewinds?

Chris: I’m most proud of being able to work on and increase my strict pull ups

TW: How has Tradewinds helped you in your everyday life?

Chris: Working out first thing in the morning always sets my day up feeling already accomplished

TW: What do you like to do outside the gym?

Chris: I’ve been working on a charity organization called Backpacks for America that I helped start with some friends. Lately, I have also been getting into portrait drawings and other art forms.

TW: What is your favorite song to workout to?

Chris: Anything from AC/DC!

TW: Do you have a favorite healthy recipe or meal idea you want to share? 

Chris: Start with 3 scoops of your favorite Ben & Jerrys ice cream (mine is Americone Dream)

Drizzle a half a cup of chocolate syrup

Add a 3/4 cup of oreo crumbs topping

Spray 3 generous helpings of whipped cream

Add a half a cup of chocolate sprinkles on top of the whipped cream

And to make it healthy we need to add fruit…so don’t forget to add the cherry on top!

TW: What’s one thing you’d tell someone who is curious about trying Tradewinds but not sure if they could do it?

Chris: At first it was hard to scrape myself out of my bed in the morning and make it through a class but now I look forward to waking up early and accomplishing the workout. 

AOM Closing Thoughts… 

Joining Tradewinds means much more than just getting a good workout. It brings a sense of camaraderie with a community of great people looking to improve themselves. The coaches go out of their way to keep you motivated, engaged and help you accomplish your goals. The atmosphere which Tradewinds has built has allowed me to thrive in my fitness journey.