May 2022 Athlete of the Month

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Congratulations to athlete Joe McCormack on being unanimously elected as our May 2022 AOM. Way to go Joe! 


Joe has been with us for over a year now but it feels like so much longer than that. He has a very humble and welcoming nature that we have all grown to appreciate and admire. You won’t hear him complain about anything, instead you will see him working his butt off and moving some serious weight in the gym. On a regular basis, you will find Joe pushing himself outside his comfort zone and finding new ways to challenge himself. No matter what the task is, he shows up determined to work and finds a way to encourage others through even the toughest of workouts. He is a role model, an admirable person and an incredible athlete we are so proud to call one of our own. Cheers to you Joe! 


TW: Where are you from? 

Joe: Wrentham, Ma


TW: What do you do for work? 

Joe: Personal Trainer


TW: How long have you been at Tradewinds? 

Joe: 1 Year


TW: What motivated you to try Tradewinds? 

Joe: Location and wanting to try something that would really

 challenge me after doing half ass workouts in my house during the pandemic.


TW: What group class do you usually attend?

Joe: 5pm and occasionally 8am


TW: Did you have a fitness background prior to starting at Tradewinds?

Joe: Yes, started lifting in high school for football and track and continued in college while running track. Once I graduated from college I became a personal trainer.


TW: If you could program your dream WOD, what would it be? 

Joe: I am not sure on specifics but it would involve all the exercises I hate (and am not good at)


-Pistol Squats

-Hand Stand Push Ups


TW: What is your proudest accomplishment since joining Tradewinds?

Joe: I consider myself motivated to workout on my own and knowledgeable as to what to do on my own. Given that, I’ve come to the realization that just isn’t enough for me in order to consistently challenge myself when working out. My workouts at Tradewinds are more intense and diverse than what I would do on my own.



TW: How has Tradewinds helped you in your everyday life? 

Joe: Working out at Tradewinds helps me reduce stress and the added bonus of not having to think about what to do when going to the gym.



TW: What do you like to do outside of the gym? 

Joe: I like going to the beach as well as camping


TW: What is your favorite song to workout to? 

Joe: I can’t pick one song but I can give you one album. Dancehall by The Blaze


TW: What’s one thing you’d tell someone who is curious about trying Tradewinds but not sure if they could do it?

Joe: Great Coaches!  I have been a personal trainer for 20 years and I have had many experiences working with other personal trainers.  They are very knowledgeable and are able to modify exercises if needed.  They also have an infectious energy to help push yourself to your potential.  


AOM Closing Thoughts…

My experience at Tradewinds has been fantastic. Tradewinds is so much more than a gym. Often when people join a gym they go in, workout and leave without talking to a single person. The social aspect is so important for mental health but often forgotten. The social aspect makes the experience more enjoyable which translates to liking the process of getting in shape. Tradewinds is a community that workouts together and I love that! I want to reiterate again to the community of Tradewinds how great these coaches are, the culture of the community comes from them.