No One REALLY Wants Freedom

So you’re thinking about dropping in to another CrossFit gym.

There are a few reasons why you might drop-in to another box, maybe you’re on vacation and traveling, maybe you’re without a home and looking to try out a new gym, maybe you just really like the workout, of thrusters and burpees, on that day (said no one ever!)

Regardless of the reason, dropping into another gym can be intimidating and a lot of athletes don’t realize that it is actually a lot easier than it may seem.

I’ve dropped into a lot of gyms in my travels, and while no 2 drop ins are ever the same, heck I’ve had different experiences between two different drop-ins to the same gym, all of the drop-ins I have done have been pleasant and welcoming. Now this isn’t ALWAYS the case, there are always a few exceptions to the rule, but overall most of the experiences I have had, and heard from others, dropping in is not just fun but welcoming as well. 

Now there are no hard set rules on how to drop-in to a box, and in reality each box handles drop-ins in their own way.But there are a few unwritten rules that you should follow, consider them good etiquette. 

1. Ask your coach

The first thing you should do when considering to drop-in is ask your coach for a recommendation. Yes you can go to and see every affiliate in the world. However your coach probably has a better understanding of what a “good” gym for you to drop-in to will look like. Maybe they’ve dropped in before or maybe they just know and staff through their networks. Either way it is always a good idea to ask your coach for some help with finding a gym in the area.

2. Checkout their website

Most CrossFit gyms have a website. Furthermore most of them post their schedules online. Make sure to check their website to ensure their class times mesh with your schedule. Some gyms also have very specific rules or steps for drop-ins, make sure you follow any of those.

3. Contact them

Always try and reach out to the gym ahead of time to inform them of when you plan on dropping in. You can try email, but we have found that contacting a gym through their business Facebook page seems to get the best responses. Facebook tracks how long it takes businesses to respond, so most try to respond quickly to keep their response score low.

4. Show up early

Try and show up early, 5-10 min should be fine. This way you can meet the coach, sign any waivers, pay, listen to any rules (also always ask if there are any specific gym rules), and hop into class without being late and disrupting class.

5. Be nice!

I mean this goes without saying, but sometimes you gotta say it. Always and I mean ALWAYS be nice, courteous, and respectful, not only to the coach, but the other members and the gym equipment. Remember this is someone else’s house, be kind, and try to leave it better than you found it. 

So yea, that’s about it. 

Go forth, drop-in, and have fun!