Set Yourself Up For Success

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As many of you know, I spent the last week on a cruise doing sweet sweet nothing and consuming more food and drinks than I could have ever imagined. I mean come on, when do you get the opportunity to try out every frozen drink under the sun while simultaneously eating tacos from the buffet and being served ice cream cones? Ya if you’ve never been on a cruise it’s maybe time to test those waters. 


I left that boat having definitely gotten my money’s worth, but I also felt tired, bloated, lethargic and just overall kind of “meh” physically. And let’s be clear, it was an awesome time. Not only was it a rejuvenating vacation but it was a good break from my routine, and a lovely time indulging in things I may not typically get the chance to. 


If you read my last blog you know I don’t believe in needing the cliche full on “reset” post vacation, holiday etc. However the coach in me knew when I got back that it was time to do whatever means necessary to make my body feel normal and good again. I knew there were some easy but crucial things I could do to set myself up for success that didn’t require a full on juice cleanse and intensely strict workout schedule, but rather a middle ground of things I enjoy but also make me and my body feel good.  


The first thing I did when I got back honestly was make a protein shake. I know that sounds way too “bro, meat head etc” for some of us but I had no food whatsoever in the house and I needed something that would make me feel good. Some berries, protein powder, water, and peanut butter powder was all it took to literally make me feel like nutrients was rushing back into my veins. For dinner I ordered SweetGreen, one of my favorite ways to splurge financially ($20+ for a salad to be delivered- yikes!) but also because again I knew that I could get something packed with protein, high in fiber and full of veggies. It hit the spot almost as much as the delicious steaks, mashed potatoes and cheesecake I’d been blessed with all week. 


The next day was Sunday, and I decided to dedicate the full day to doing things that would feel good on my body physically and mentally. I slept in, squeaked a nutritious breakfast out of the bare minimal pantry I had left myself and hit the gym. Nothing crazy, some back squats, bench press and deadlifts, but it felt great to move and channel some of my pent up energy back into weights. Capping off the workout with some sled pushes to shake off the rust had me panting, sweating, cursing, but smiling. It always feels good to get that first workout back from being away in the books! 


Post gym I had one of my favorite things ever, which if you know me is the Fairlife Chocolate Protein Shake (don’t walk, run to get this) and hit up the 8th wonder of the world which is obviously BJ’s wholesale store. I went off on purchasing all the things I knew would set me up for success the remainder of the week. Some highlights included; more Fairlifes of course, ground turkey, chicken, eggs, yogurt, protein pasta, zucchini, potatoes,  oranges, and bananas. Some more fun highlights included pop chips of all flavors, two types of frozen greek yogurt bars for the sweet tooth, and tons of seltzer water. This list hurt my wallet but made my heart so so happy! 


When I got home I capped off the day by prepping some of the turkey, pasta and veggies and getting acquainted with my schedule for the week. I took a relaxing hot shower and got into bed a little early to give myself extra time to fall asleep. And that’s really all it took. I felt like I was back, ready to tackle the world again one day at a time! 


And while I am sure you were all dying to know what I do outside of the gym, my actual point here is that you CAN take time away to indulge, splurge and treat yourself. All you have to do is identify ways that you can set yourself up for success on the other side of those things. Figure out the parts of your routine that make you feel good, make you productive and alleviate stress. Make these a priority whenever you can, but especially when you need to fall back into the norm. It can be as simple as having healthy options in the freezer for when you are in a pinch, or taking a walk when you are feeling like you just need to step away from it all. 


Whatever it is that sets you up for success, ultimately YOU are the one who has the say in making it happen. Having these tools in your back pocket can be way easier than you would think too! Try making a list of things you might do if you had a day to really catch up and set yourself up for the week, and then actually try a couple of them. You may surprise yourself!

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