Start Now- Part 2

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The First Two Weeks  – Part 2 of my 6 Week Nutrition Coaching Journey


So, let me tell you a little bit about those first two weeks of working with a nutrition coach…


Week 1 my coach helped me set 3 very simple and attainable goals: 


  1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning
  2. Eat something solid for breakfast (not just my usual protein shake)
  3. Find a way to enjoy what I am consuming for breakfast. 


Week 1 felt like a win, like it was almost too easy. I accomplished the goals we established every single day. These small wins helped me get my mindset in a good place to take on the rest of this challenge. I was open minded, optimistic and ready to learn something new. 


Week 2 (the week before vacation). We dialed the goals up a bit. In addition to my 3 previous goals, we added in 3 new goals:


  1. Drink another full glass a water with lunch
  2. Have no alcohol in the house during the week (I love wine at night but those empty calories and the dehydration were not serving me well the next day)


And the big one for me…


  1. Calorie tracking (to see what I was eating and how much of it) 


To my surprise, I felt like this week went great. 


I thought tracking again was going to be so “hard.” I’d done it so many times before and it can be so time consuming. However I kept it pretty simple this time around by not going out to eat too much and by planning out my meals at home in advance. I also knew that tracking was temporary. I wasn’t about to set off to do it for the next three months super strict. I was doing it for a week to see what I was eating and how much I was eating. 


Tracking calories for a week allowed me to see what my macronutrient consumption was, as well as the fact that most days I was under eating. I could tell on the days I under ate how it would affect my energy levels, as well as my ability to recover for the next day. 


Two weeks in recap and progress update.


Here’s a quick recap of what my goals were for the first two weeks:


Week 1:  super simple, small positive habit changes; drink more water, eat in the morning, try to enjoy eating in the morning (positive mindset association with food and eating). 


Week 2: amped it up a bit to see where I was at: drink even more water, don’t have any alcohol in my house to drink during the week, track calories.


At the end of week two, right before vacation I did another inbody scan to see how the first two weeks might have affected my body composition.


The results so far after two weeks of nutrition coach…


My overall weight was down 2.3lbs

My water weight was up 1.7lbs

My body fat was down 4.7lbs! (-2.5%)

My muscle mass was up 1.5lbs


Now these are wonderful results. I was/am extremely happy about them, but these results were not my priority. And results won’t be like this everytime and I know that personally very well. But that’s partly why I tried to go into this 6 week refresh with a different mindset. 


I know my body composition is going to change throughout the many phases of my life. So rather than tie my success solely to the numbers I see on a scale, I wanted to set goals that I could feel and see from a more personal level. 


After just two weeks I also felt like my energy levels were better. I was able to workout more consistently and experienced better recovery between workouts. I also felt my mindset around my body and nutrition was improving again. 


All of these changes happened in just two short weeks. Instead of waiting until after vacation when maybe the timing would have been better, I took action right away, and saw wonderful results. I went into vacation feeling great!


Next week I will let you know how I did on vacation and where I am at now… Stay tuned.


In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to me about any questions you might have. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coach Caren if you’re ready for a nutrition refresh and some wonderful and supportive accountability. 

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