Start Now- The Finale

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The Final Weeks and My Recap – Part 4 of my 6 Week Nutrition Coaching Journey


If you’ve been following along with me for the last 4 weeks thank you for sticking it out with me… If not, that’s okay too. Take a second and go back to my other 3 blogs to catch up ( 


Alright, where were we?


I took 18 days off from fitness! 


Between vacation and a cold, I was down and out for what felt like FOREVER.


Sometimes I find it hard to keep the rest of my life balanced and in check when my fitness routine is out of whack. What this meant for me at the time was that I had a much harder time fully committing to the changes I was working on in my nutrition journey.


Finally, after 18 days off from the gym I was able to get back in, which slowly helped me ease back up my motivation and re-focus to finish my 6 weeks of nutrition coaching journey strong.


Or so I thought…


I thought with my fitness routine back in order and only two weeks to go with nutrition coaching that I would be fully motivated and ready to crush the last two weeks.


What really happened though was that I lost focus. I forgot my why. 


Why did I get started in the first place? 


I continued to have meaningful conversations with Coach Caren. I discussed smart goals, but I struggled to fully commit to taking action.


I had good days and not so good days. But I tried to focus on the things I was doing right and where I could still make improvements, without getting down on myself. 


And while maybe I wasn’t 100% committed to the process those final two weeks, I still made good progress because I stayed committed to where I could.


The not so final results. 


During my “last” check-in with Coach Caren we revisited my original goals and why I started this in the first place. They were; revisit my current nutrition habits, incorporate better habits, drop body fat %, fit in my clothes better, have more energy, and get accountability along the way.


Overall I have way more energy, I’m happy and…


I’m down 4.4lbs, I weigh the lowest I have in over 2 years. 


You may be thinking that doesn’t seem like that much for 6 weeks of coaching… 


The breakdown of change is actually this… 


I didn’t just lose 4.4 random pounds. I lost 4.6lbs of body fat. Let me say that again… I lost 4.6lbs of fat! More weight than what my overall weight on a scale told me.


AND, the cherry on top is that I gained lean muscle mass.


I lost fat and gained muscle, two factors that improve overall body composition (I.e. my clothes are fitting better!!)


I didn’t do this by crash dieting or cutting anything out of what I was already doing/eating/drinking. I just started to make smarter, more mindful choices. I didn’t start working out a ton more, actually, I didn’t workout for over two weeks because of vacation and getting sick. I just focused on taking care of my body for where it was at in each part of the 6 weeks.


One of my biggest and most important takeaways has been the mindset work I have done on my nutrition. I am more aware in a positive and healthy way than ever before. I have great tools to use in a sustainable way moving forward. 


My journey was 42 days. Conservatively, I estimated that I was pretty committed 28 of those days. Which means there were about 14 days (2 weeks!), that I don’t feel like I gave it my all or while I was away on vacation and when I got sick. That doesn’t mean I gave up or that I failed by any means. It just means I gave myself some grace. I was kind. Patient. Realistic. I never stopped living. I met myself wherever I was at. 


This is important stuff.


It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You don’t have to stop all together just because you can’t do it all or commit 100% 100% of the time. You don’t fail if you have “bad” days or “off” days (even 18 or more like I did). You can set some smart goals and adjust them throughout the process as situations change. Long term success isn’t about going all in all at once forever. It’s about awareness, practice, patients, small habit changes, being kind to yourself and sometimes asking for some help. 


So what’s next…


I decided I wanted to keep working with Caren for another month. I took a week off to reflect on what I wanted to focus on now. I took that week to see what habits were sticking and where I might need some more practice and help.


Remember, it’s a journey not a destination. And there will be lots of different phases in this journey. What may have worked for me once (maybe even 6 weeks ago), may not work for me now, and the same goes for you. So keep moving, keep trying something different. Be kind to yourself and impeccable with the words you use to talk about yourself. And, don’t be afraid to ask for some help. We’re here for you.


Thank you for following along during this journey with me! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime with any questions or for some help. We all need it from time to time. 

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