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I started nutrition coaching with Coach Caren 5 weeks ago, which was just over 2 weeks before my vacation. 


You might be thinking, why wouldn’t I wait to start until after vacation? Won’t being away just mess up all the work I put in the first two weeks? 


Here’s a little secret, there is never a perfect time to start something new. 


The truth is, any progress you can make today is always better than putting it off for when you think a better time will be. 


My Goals. The reasoning for why I (a coach myself), wanted to work with a nutrition coach.


I wanted to polish up my knowledge and my best practices for my nutrition toolkit and I knew I wanted (needed) some personal accountability to do that. 


I’ve been doing “this wellness” thing for a while. I’ve done many “diets” or nutrition challenges, and have had many “diet” or weight loss goals. I’ve done them on my own, and I’ve done them with help. And I almost always do better with a little help. I’ve lost a lot of weight, gained muscle, gained weight, lost weight again, and so on. I’ve come to recognize that my wellness journey has (and will have) many phases. 


This time around, being almost 15 months postpartum, and at a body weight right where I was before I got pregnant, I wanted to do things a little differently. My body has changed a lot since I grew and birthed a baby. I wanted to see what my nutrition looked like in this phase of my life. I wanted to see what small changes I might be able to make and how those changes might affect my  body composition (fat, muscle, water). I wanted to set realistic goals that I could actually accomplish taking into consideration everything different I have going on in my life these days.


Along the way we’d set some goals, try some things out and see how my body reacted. Can I have more energy again? Can I fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes? Can I lose some stubborn fat and gain some precious muscle mass? 


While this specific program is starting out initially as 6 weeks, my timeline on change isn’t strict. I just knew I wanted to do something, and I was ready to make some changes regardless of the timing of my upcoming trip.


So first, we took an inbody scan on day one to use as a way to track any composition changes I might have over the next 6 weeks. And then we talked. My Coach helped me open up about where I am now, how I feel,  what I wanted to see happen in the long-term, but also what change I wanted to make now. 

It was great to shine some light back on myself and to talk about a plan with someone who was going to be with me throughout this entire process. 


So next we set some goals…


Next week I’ll chat about the short term goals and will let you know how my first two weeks went. I was SHOCKED by my results… Stay tuned.


In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to me about any questions you might have. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coach Caren if you’re ready for a nutrition refresh and some wonderful and supportive accountability. 

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