Take Action Today

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Often times people put off so many things in life because they are not sure where to get started.


It’s easy at the beginning of a new year to set resolutions, intentions, or goals. Taking action on those things is a whole other story.


So this week I’m going to help you take some action to help get your year moving in the direction you’d like.


First, grab a piece of paper and something to write with or open a notes/document on your phone/computer. And set a 5-10 minute timer.


At the start of that timer, think about one goal that would have the most positive impact on your life right now.


Just one goal.


It can be anything, big or small. Just pick one that feels personal to you right now and the overall well being of your life. 


Now that you have that goal, break it down into as many specific steps you can think of that would be required of you in order to accomplish that goal. 


Next set deadlines for each of those steps.


Up next, pick three of those steps that are clear and simple enough that you can take action on them this week.


Lastly, take action. Build these three steps into your schedule this coming week. 


Plan for them. Think clearly about them. Visualize their completion. 


Start your year off strong by tackling those three steps towards your goal.


And then pick the three next steps to tackle the following week.


It’s okay if you don’t tackle every step you set out to do each week. Role it over to the next week. Just remember, in order to achieve your goals you need to plan for them. You need to work backyards to determine what you need to do to get to that goal, break it down into as many steps as you can, and then take action each week to tackle those steps. And before you know it, your goals get closer to becoming your reality. 

Do you need some help breaking down some goals into steps and organizing them to take some action? Let’s set up a check-in session to work on a plan!

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