Fall in Love with the Process

One of the biggest questions we get in the fitness industry is “how often should I workout?” And then “how long will it take me to accomplish x y z?”

Well the answers probably aren’t what you want to hear. In my opinion you should workout as often as you possibly can (within reason of course) and accomplishing your goals is a long term ongoing project.

Some weeks I may have my schedule worked out to perfection where I am in the gym for 6 days nailing every workout. Other weeks it might be 2 or 3 days that I make it in as other restraints of life out of my control take over. 

 Some goals should be measurable things we check off the list “do a bodyweight pull up, master the jump rope, gain 5lbs of muscle mass”, but as we accomplish one thing there will always be the next thing on the list to tackle. 

So if there simply is no end limit to your fitness journey and you should continue it the entirety of your lifespan, what’s the answer? 

One of our athletes and a fellow coach said it best this past week, he said “you have to learn to fall in love with the process…” I couldn’t possibly have said it better myself. 

If I am present and engaged with the process of bettering myself, building a strong body, and doing challenging work in the gym that makes me feel good, why would I ever stop doing that?

If I find a style of training that I fall in love with and that brings me joy and makes me feel strong, why wouldn’t I do that for the rest of my life as a part of my regular routine? 

If I find a group of people and a community that builds me up, makes me feel happy, and pushes me to be better, why would I ever leave that? 

So forget your fad diets, your 30 day transformations, your easy quick fixes, and find something that you are committed to doing for the long haul. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. And falling in love with the process is just a happy side effect of what you might get out of jump starting your fitness journey. 

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