The True Key to Consistency

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I heard this quote recently that I keep circling back to in my head. 


“It is better to be consistently good than occasionally great.” Think about that for a minute. 


The statement itself speaks to what consistency is… doing something over and over again on a regular basis. And on the opposite end, being occasionally great only gets us so far, especially when the occasions can be so far and few between. Good is simply more sustainable than great.


If you can be consistently good in health/fitness; getting to the gym, staying on top of your nutrition, sleeping, drinking water etc, wouldn’t that over time add up to long term success? I personally think so. 


You could be the person who comes into the gym once, maybe twice a week and throws down, goes 100% and gets it done. But then what? You are burnt out, hurting and can’t come back for 5 days. You could be the person who goes on a 30 day cleanse, drops 10lbs and feels great for a minute. But then what? You get excited, fall back into old habits and gain it all back. You could be the person who decides to cut out all distractions for 1 week and get to bed at 8pm so you can sleep 8 hours. But then what? The next week you have a birthday dinner and you can’t get to bed until 10, or your kids are keeping you up so you give up entirely on your plan. These are the occasionally great examples. 


Being consistently good, however, takes discipline. It means you are willing to work around the daily challenges of life while staying on course with your long term goals. It doesn’t mean we aren’t overall amazing people, it means we are smart and intentional with our efforts on a daily basis.


It means you are getting into the gym however many days you have determined works for you, but listening to your body and working with what you have on that day. You feel great one day? Go for that PR. Burnt out? Scale it back, focus on moving, technique work, and having a great overall workout.  


It means you are eating as clean (whatever this may be for you) as you can as much as possible, but being okay with balancing and enjoying yourself. It’s your birthday? Eat the cake, you know you had all your fruits and veggies for the day. You’re out trying a new restaurant? Try the dish that looks to die for, you know you nailed your macros on breakfast and lunch. 


It means you know you can’t get to bed at the same time every night, but you know you can cut out electronics after 9pm or not take them into bed with you so you get a better quality of sleep. 


See the bigger picture here? 


If we are consistently good at what we set out to do, long term success is inevitable. It doesn’t mean being the best day in and day out, that’s not your job. Your focus is on the long term, the lifetime journey that fitness truly is. So today, this week, next month, focus on being good. And be proud of your efforts, because it will get you further in the long run than anything else. 

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