Three Stretches to Stop Heel Pain

Many of us are still working from home. 

Which means we’re constantly looking down at our laptops as we sit at our desks, and by desks I mean kitchen tables. 

This constant hunch, along with constantly looking at our phones, causes some big problems in our upper back and neck. 

So here are three stretches that you can do at home with minimal equipment, to help relieve that neck pain. 

For each stretch try and hold it for at least 60 seconds, but 2 minutes would be ideal. 

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, let’s schedule a physical therapy session and get your squared away!

Coach Andy is an Owner and Head Coach at Tradewinds. He grew up in traditional martial arts and uses that rigor and discipline in his CrossFit training. The more technical the movement, the better, with his specialty being the olympic lifts, especially the snatch.