Tradewinds Intramural Open 2019

Competition Overview

  • Teams: 3 teams of 10+ people – Total number of participants is 43 – 3 Team Captains
  • Team Draft: Sat., 1/26 – Team Captains
  • Open Prep: 3 Small Group Skill Sessions
    • Double Unders – Sat. 2/2 – Coach Andy
    • Pull-Ups – Sat. 2/9 – Coach Keith
    • Toes to Bar – Sat. 2/16 – Coach Mary(additional fee)
  • Format: 5 weeks with 5 individual workout events
  • Divisions: 2 divisions – Rx & Scaled (can choose from week to week)
  • Points: Tons of opportunities to earn points for your team
  • Workouts: 2 weekly opportunities to complete the workout with a judge:
    • Thursday Night Throw Down Head to Head (by invite only)
    • Friday Night Lights (pre-set heats)
  • “Make-Up”: 2 weekly opportunities to “make-up” a workout (without a judge)
  • Weekly Events: 4 Friday Night After Open social events
  • Awards: 5 Weekly athlete Spirit of the Open awards (community survey)
  • Apparel: Tradewinds Open 2019 T-shirt (pre-order only)
  • After Party: End of Open After Party & Celebration
    • Winning Team Announcement
    • Individual Athlete Awards


1 Winning Team Prize Package:

  • Custom Winning Team Banner
  • Winning Team Trophy
  • Custom Tradewinds Open 19 Winners Swag
  • Exclusive Winners Only Event
    • winning team will get to vote on event theme & date

Team Captain Responsibilities:

  • Attend “Draft Day” on Saturday, January 25th at 12pm
  • Reach out to your team via email once drafted to let them know who’s team they are on
  • Start a team email to use to communicate competition details (try to release information over time and not all at once)
  • Communicate competition details between event organizers and your team
  • Share any competition questions with event organizer
  • Work with your team to come up with team name and if you want a team theme (#spiritpoints) – captains can also choose to come up with a team name or theme on their own (due 2/1)
  • Encourage your team to get after all the points that will be up for grabs
  • Recruit additional members of the gym to your team during the additional recruiting period (1/26-2/1)
  • Submit team name & if any of your teammates has any heat or date participation restrictions by 2/1
  • Individually email event organizer on one email chain about anything Open related with the subject “Open 2019, including any questions from any of their team members

Competition Timeline:

  • Early Registration:Monday, January 21 – Friday, January 25
  • Team Captains (selection by invitation)Tuesday, January 22 to Wednesday, 23
  • Draft Day (Team Captains Only):Saturday, January 26th @ 12pm
  • Registration deadline to receive Tradewinds Open shirt: Friday, January 25 by 7pm
  • Teams announced Saturday, January 26 – Friday, February 1 (via Team Captains)
  • Additional Recruitment & Registration:Saturday, January 26 – Friday, March 1
  • Thursday Night Throwdown (TNT) – 8pmDates: 2/21, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21
  • Friday Night Lights (FNL) – 6pmDates: 2/22, 2/29, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22
  • Saturday-Sunday Open Gym “last-chance workout”    Dates: 2/23, 2/24, 3/2, 3/3, 3/9, 3/10, 3/16, 3/17 (no dates during 5th week)
  • End of Open After Party: Friday,  March 22


The event organizer will need to know which division (scaled or RX) each participant will be completing the workout in before 10pm on Thursday every week. Captains need to send the event organizer the full list of their FNL participants with each division they will be in before 10pm every Thursday night.

Weekly Workout Event Opportunities

Thursday Night Throw Down Format (2/21-3/21):

  • 6 participants each week – 2 from each team
  • 1-2 heats starting shortly after 8pm after the workout is announced
  • Teams (and/or the team captains), need to elect a minimum of 2 people or a maximum of 5 people from their own team each week who “volunteer” as tributes to potentially participate during the TNT
  • You have two options to provide the event organizer with these submissions:
    • you can either submit all 5 weeks of submissions to the event organizer by 2/18;
    • or submit 1 week at a time before the end of the day on the Monday before that TNT (submit your tributes before the end of the day on 2/18, 2/25, 3/4, 3/11, & 3/18)
  • There are some people who cannot participate on a Thursday, and some people who cannot participate on some Fridays, so this will allow you to try to give every member of your team the opportunity to get the weekly workout done at either the TNT or the FNL
  • You are welcome to submit the same 5 people for all 5 weeks if you want. If someone, has to go on a Thursday, just let me know
  • The event organizer will announce the 6 participants who will be participating in the TNT each week before Thursday

Friday Night Lights Format (2/22-3/22):

  • Starting shortly after 6pm
  • Up to 37 participants will be doing the workouts each week during the FNL
  • In order for us to make sure this runs as smoothly as possible the event organizer will be creating pre-determined heats each week
  • the event organizer will take any special requests in regards to any timing restrictions before 10pm on Thursday night each week via the request coming from the team captain
  • The event organizer will then release the official heats sometime on Friday each week

Workout Make-Ups

Group Class, Open Gym, or Other Gym Drop-Ins:

For anyone who cannot attend either the weekly TNT or FNL, there are 3 additional options for them to complete the workout to earn a point towards their team.

In any of the options, they will still be required to complete the workout to the CrossFit Games standards & movements.

Additionally, if they are not able to complete the weekly workout during our TNT or FNL, they will not be eligible for the top 3 placement points in either division. They could only earn 1 point for completing workout.

Also, in all of these instances, they do not need a judge to score them, however, they will be required to fill-out and submit to the event organizer a completed scorecard before the end of the day on the following Monday.

The event organizer will share the scorecards with team captains if they need one for a team member.

  • Option 1: complete on their own during Open Gym at Tradewinds on Saturday or Sunday (with the exception of the last week because the winning team will be announced on 3/22).
  • Option 2: dropping into another CrossFit gym (with prior approval from that gym).
  • Option 3: complete the workout in a group class on Friday at Tradewinds.

Participants can only make up a workout during the week that the workout was released. What this means is, week 1, workout 1, gets announced on 2/21, participants must “make-up” that workout and submit their score to me before the EOD on Monday, 2/25. The only acceptation to this is week 5, when all workouts must be done and scorecards must be submitted to me by 9pm on 3/22.

Participants cannot make up a workout in a week different than the week when it was released Open “weeks” run from Thursday, when the workout is announced, through the close of the workout submission timeframe which is that following Monday at 8pm EST (i.e. 2/22 through 2/25 8pm).

Special Workout Circumstances:

We might run into special circumstances where we would need to slightly adjust the weekly workout to either fit our space or time frame. Changes could include setting a time cap. We will handle these situations on a case by case basis.

The Official Open:

If anyone is signed up for the “Official” CrossFit Open and they want their scores verified on the CrossFit Games website, they must send an email to Coach Andy letting him know that they are signed up for the official CrossFit Open, and each week they must also email him to let him know that they submitted their score online & need it verified. They must do this before 12pm on the Monday after the workout.


  • Captains can elect up to 9 people from their team each week to participate as a judge for either the TNT or FNL. It can be the same 9 people every week, or different people every week
  • Judges are not required to take the judges course, however, they are required to be at the gym at least 20 minutes prior to the start of heats
  • Judge submissions must be emailed to the event organizer from the team captains by 2/16
    • Please break them out by each week, and if they can do TNT, FNL, or Both
  • The event organizer will send out a weekly judges update each week


  • Participants can earn 2 points each by posting a “I was recruited” post on social media after they are drafted to a team
    • only 1 per person
    • Must tag CrossFit Tradewinds so we get the notification
    • must be done before the EOD on 2/1 in order to earn the points
  • Participants can earn 5 points per session by attending any of the pre-open small group skill sessions
    • 5 points per session attended
    • These sessions are capped to 6 participants each
    • 2/2 8:30 Double Unders
    • 2/9 12pm Level 1 Pull-Ups
    • 2/9 12:30pm Level 2 Pull-Ups
    • 2/16 12pm Toes to Bar
  • Teams can earn 1 point for every athlete who completes an Open workout each week
  • Teams can earn 3 points for every athlete who finishes among the top 3 women and top 3 men in the gym per workout in each division (Rx & Scaled)
  • Teams can earn 5 points if one of their members wins the weekly “Spirit of the Open” award on any given week
    • weekly survey emailed every week
    • suvey must be completed before the end of the night on Friday nights
    • cannot vote for someone on your own team
  • Each participant can earn 3 points for taking & completing the Open Judges Course
  • Participants can earn 2 points a week by judging at least one heat during either a TNT or FNL
  • Teams can earn 5 points a week by having one member of their team do a team social media post
    • must tag any of their teammates
    • must check-in to CrossFit Tradewinds
    • must tag CrossFit Tradewinds in the photo
    • must use the competition hashtag #TradewindsOpen19
    • must include a picture and/or video
    • only one submission per week per team
    • must be a different member of the team each week
    • whoever submits the post must take a screen shot of it and email it to the event organizer
    • must be completed before the end of the night on Friday nights

After Open After Parties (Friday Nights):

Every Friday night during the 5 weeks of the Open we will host an “After Open” After Party, whenever we get through all the heats. I am working with local restaurants to get them to sponsor each week. Here is what we have so far: Blackstrap on 2/22, JWs on 3/1. Everyone of age (21+) is welcome to attend.We will host an “After Open” After Party at the gym after the final week on 3/22 where we will announce the winner team and individual athlete awards.

Reduced Friday Schedule During the Open:

There will be a reduced group class schedule on Fridays during the 5 weeks of the Open. On Fridays during the Open, the WOD will be some version of that weeks Open workout (we might have to put certain time caps, or make slight adjustments to accommodate a group class format).

Additional Information:

  • You must sign-up & submit a shirt size to Coach Mary by 1/25 before 7pm in order to receive an Open shirt
  • Athletes do not need to attend every week to participate
  • Athlete are not required to sign-up for official CrossFit Open
  • If you do sign-up for the official CrossFit Open you will need to have your workout scores verified on the CrossFit Games website. You must email Coach Andy to let him know that you are signed up for the official Open, and each week send an email to Coach Andy letting him know that you submitted your score online & need it verified. This must be done by 12pm on the Monday after the workout.
  • Join the hype of the event now on social media using the hashtag #TradewindsOpen19

Questions:For more information or any questions please contact Coach Mary at

Registration Closed

  • Early RegistrationMon., 1/21 through Fri, 1/25 Includes Tradewinds Open 19 shirt (pre-order only!)
  • Regular RegistrationSat., 1/26 through Fri., 2/1