Tradewinds Year in Review

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‘Twas the night before New Years and all through the gym

Team Tradewinds was chatting, out on a whim.

“How was our year?” asked Gabby with glee.

“I thought it was great!” said one leader, Mary.


Michaela and Caren both nodded their heads,

“We loved all the athletes and workouts!” they said.

Andy agreed and showed a big grin,

“We do have the best people here at Tradewinds!”


But as we all wandered down memory lane,

We realized that you all might want to attain

All the wonderful memories from 2022…

So here is our Tradewinds Year in Review!



We started off strong with a COVID outbreak,

Which forced some of our coaches to take a short break.

But despite this bump in our long winding road, 

You all were great sports and helped us lighten the load!



Then comes the OPEN, which our athletes all crushed!

No matter what level we were able to adjust.

The Community Board makes its big debut

And allowed us to write out a goal…or two!



We finished the OPEN and celebrated our feats

With some waffles and other fun breakfast treats!

And even though some of our weather was yucky…

In true March fashion, we still all felt lucky!



The spring started to show, which was just so much fun,

Because this meant, in workouts, we were ready to run!

We put our heads down and decided to grind

To get ready for summer and leave those winter bods behind.



MURPH came along to honor the fallen,

And the Tradewinds community went all in!

Pull ups, push ups and air squats galore,

To show that we stand by a true warrior.



The sun came back and happiness was in reach,

So we took our workout straight to the beach!

We brought our friends to join in on the fun

And build our community up one by one.


July and August-

The dog days of summer really took their toll

But that didn’t keep us from gaining control

Of our health and our wellness, despite the heat,

And show what it means to be a true athlete.



The summer is ending, but have no fear,

Tradewinds celebrates by grabbing a beer!

As always, we try to manage the shift

With a squat, and a press and, of course, a deadlift.



There’s nothing spooky about coming out of your shell,

Which is why we put on “Boos and Barbells”.

Some of us even took to the streets

To run a 10k with fellow athletes!



‘Tis the season for thanks and showing our gratitude

And at Tradewinds we always keep a positive attitude!

Though the year slows down, we keep up our pace

And decide to run a fun Spartan Race!



The year may be fleeting and it’s time to take off,

But we couldn’t end it without another bake-off!

We turned seven years old and had to celebrate

This little fit family we got to create.


So there you all have it, our year in review,

Of all the wonderful, wild parts of 2022.

At Tradewinds we are grateful for all of these things

And can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!

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