Vacation Friendly Fitness

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As much as Team Tradewinds LOVES seeing all of your faces in the gym 6 days a week, the precipice of summer also means the precipice of vacations…and skipping out on a few classes here and there! 

Do you have to workout while you are relaxing on your trip? Of course not! Take some time off and enjoy. However, if you are anything like me, your two-week New Hampshire stay usually involves at least a couple of days where you try to stay active. So, here are a few ideas to help you crush those at-home workouts. 

1. Try a 500-rep bodyweight session. Choose 5 bodyweight exercises to do 100 reps of. Throw on a timer on your phone and see how long it takes. You can treat this like a chipper-style workout, or section it into rounds (similar to Murph!). Want an extra challenge? Bring a weight vest in the trunk of your car and strap it on for this one! 


Here’s an example I like to use:

10 Rounds of

  • 10 Sit Ups
  • 10 Air Squats
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 10 Plank Taps
  • 10 Burpees 

2. Fun Run! Going out for a quick run is always a great way to get moving, but it’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do. Even if you don’t LOVE distance running, you can challenge yourself to a fun little interval run. Time flies when you split your run into sections, so consider using this format to push your cardio a little bit. 

5 min warm up jog

15 intervals of..

1 min push pace, 30 second jog (or walk)


3 min cool down walk or jog

3. Tabata Time- a typical TABATA involves 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is a great format to help get your heart rate up in a short but sweet workout. Choose 6-8 exercises you like to do and repeat the entire thing 6-8 times. 

This could look something like…

8 Rounds of…

(20s work/10s rest)

Mountain Climbers 

Squat Jumps

Push Ups

High Knees

Reverse Lunges


Tricep Dips (on the kitchen chair)


4. Walk it out. Whoever started the idea that walking isn’t a “good enough workout” was seriously disturbed. A nice, brisk walk is a great form of low intensity, steady state cardio. Extra points if you find somewhere with lots of hills to walk up. That increase in elevation will burn those legs! My cousin and I like to walk to a local coffee shop and back for a little treat (Nothing like an iced coffee to motivate you to keep going). If you are lucky enough to be somewhere with great hiking trails, take advantage of that, too!

5. Up the ladder, down the ladder. Another go-to template of mine is a “ladder-style” workout. Choose a couplet or triplet of your favorite movements. Start with a round of 1 rep each, then 2 reps, and so on until a round of 15 reps (or even 20, if you’re feeling it). Then, make your way back down the ladder. Interested in even more? Challenge yourself to a 200m run, 1 min of jumping jacks, or 30s wall sit in between each round!


Here’s a tried and true ladder (that burns!)


1 Burpee

1 Sit Up

200m Run


2 Burpee

2 Sit Up

200m Run


A few final tips to remember…

  • Don’t underestimate bodyweight movements. There is no rule that says equipment makes for better fitness. If you have some dumbbells or bands, that’s great! Use them to expand the amount of movements that you can sub into the workouts above. Just know that they aren’t a necessity. 


  • Anything that you wouldn’t do in the gym with a coach around is also something you should not be doing at home. Be mindful and safe!


  • You do NOT need to workout on your getaways. Rest is just as important as work, and even if you eat a little more than usual during your vacation time, you do not need to exercise to earn that food. Enjoy your time and just have fun!


I cannot wait to see all of you in the gym this summer, but if you need some inspiration while you are away, feel free to use these ideas. If you get bored, text a Tradewinds Coach to help inspire some other at-home workouts. We all have plenty of ideas to share!


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