What Are Bright Spots?

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Bright Spots, Bright Spot Friday, #brightspotfriday, #bsf


What does it all mean?


Isn’t there already enough terminology to remember in the gym??


The origin and date of the term is a little unknown, scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago (points for anyone who gets that quote), but the concept is well known.


So what is a bright spot and why should I participate?


A bright spot is simply something that brought you joy.


And so, every Friday in our private Facebook group for our athletes, we do something known as Bright Spot Fridays, abbreviated #bsf.


Throughout the day on Friday you will see athletes, and coaches, posting about highlights from the week. Maybe you hit a huge PR on a lift you have been working on and are proud of, that’s a bright spot. If you made it in 3 days that week as planned, definitely a bright spot. Maybe you nailed some nutrition goals and feel excited about your progress, certainly a bright spot. Maybe you finally got that promotion you have been working towards, that’s a bright spot. Just got your Masters Degree, bright spot. Read a really good book and wanted to share something you learned, bright spot. Had an awesome meal and want people to know where to go, bright spot!


These are just a few examples of things you could share with our fit fam, but there are no rules! As long as it is positive and brings you joy- that’s what it’s all about.


Seems simple enough. That’s because it is, but man is it empowering!


But why should I share?


Well, there is this powerful psychological phenomenon known as confirmation bias.


It’s what happens when you buy a new car. Here’s an example: You buy a brand new Jeep Cherokee, and then the next day, as you’re driving your brand new car, all you see are Jeep Cherokees everywhere! Did everyone go and buy the same exact car as you yesterday? No! You just happened to notice more of them, because they are currently on your mind.


So how does this work with Bright Spots. Well as Friday approaches, athletes will begin to look for and take note of Bright Spots they have throughout the week, that way they can remember them and post them to the private Facebook group. As an athlete, or anyone, begins to think more about Bright Spots, they will start to see them in more places, just like the car.


This has a snowball effect.


The more Bright Spots you see the more you will think about them. And then in turn the more you’ll look for them, which will cause you to think more about them and thus see them more and so forth and so on. Until eventually you see them everywhere, and you can’t help but smile, because life is truly so bright!


So start, or keep, sharing with our community of athletes. Because that’s what Tradewinds is all about. We are a group of people with like minded values, who support each other, push each other to be better, and root for one another to succeed. It’s a part of what makes our fit fam so awesome!


Want to see more Bright Spots? Click the link below to sit down with a coach and create a plan to reach those goals!

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