What Tradewinds Means to Us

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Tradewinds is a special place, that holds a very special place in all of our coach’s hearts. We feel lucky to get to coach and workout with all of you everyday, so we wanted to let you know why…

Coach Mary:

Tradewinds means I have a purpose. It is “my something” that is bigger than myself. Every day I get the opportunity to work and connect with individuals who just want to feel good and live a better life. Tradewinds helps me live a better life too. Every day it challenges me to be a better person, not just for myself, but for everyone who’s a part of my life too. Tradewinds has truly taught me some of my greatest lessons so far. To do what is right, not what is easy, because nothing truly great comes without some hard work. It’s taught me that ambition is to be embraced and celebrated. Most importantly it’s taught me the true meaning of teamwork, and that asking for help is part of life and it’s absolutely okay.

I am so grateful for the team I have and the community we’ve built. Every relationship is important to me. Sometimes I like to linger around the gym a bit longer just to get the chance to see a few of you who I may not get to see too often. I genuinely and wholeheartedly look forward to seeing everyone in the gym as much as they can be. I get a great sense of pride and joy seeing each of you inside our space working hard on yourself and enjoying it a bit too.

Coach Andy:

That’s a really tough question, it means so much.

It means a legacy, something I can leave behind.

It means a job, something I can work in, day in and day out, and love what I do.

It means passion, because without it, Tradewinds would’ve never happened.

It means a career, not just for me, but our team.

It means change, everyday we get to change the lives of our members.

It means safety, somewhere I can go and just be myself.

It means health, honestly if I didn’t own a gym, I’m not sure I’d workout as much as I do.

Tradewinds is more than just a name, or a building, or a sign on the front door.

Tradewinds means the world to me, it’s something I have put literal blood, sweat, and tears into, all in an effort to serve our community and help our clients become just a little stronger than they were yesterday.

Coach Caren:

I recently read a statistic from a study looking at the impact of exercise on mental health – people who exercise report 43.2% fewer poor mental health days. That means if you’re working out consistently and you had 5 bad mental health days this month, you might have reported 7-8 if you were not working out consistently.
It’s hard to choose to exercise. For 8 years, Tradewinds has made that choice easier for me and helped me not work out alone. I know my mental health is better because of the community I have found through Tradewinds. I love that I have been able to give back by coaching and cheering you on to move your bodies. Your mental health is better because of it. Thanks for cheering me on!

Coach Gabby:

To actually fully put this into words is challenging for me. In the past nearly 3 years I’ve basically grown up with Tradewinds. I’ve gone from a passionate but uncertain coach trying to make it in the fitness industry to a passionate very certain fitness professional lucky to get to do this for a living.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and being a coach, and that is all thanks to Tradewinds and our community.

I’ve never in my life been a part of a community like this, our athletes are an extension of family to me. The way we laugh, challenge, push, work and make memories is something I truly cherish.

Our community motivates me to do hard things and motivates me to want to continue to help our athletes do hard things.

I am often made emotional by our community, to see the support and love our community has for our one another motivates me to be the best I can be. I try to stop multiple times a day to appreciate what we have here because I know more than anyone how rare it is.

I am beyond grateful for everything that Tradewinds is and continues to grow to be. Stronger together!