When Life Interferes, Persevere

I heard an analogy the other day that I really liked. Say you are driving down the road and you pop a tire. Are you going to slash the other 4 tires and give up on your journey completely? Or, are you going to fix that tire and keep going.

I liked that thought process a lot, especially as it pertains to what we do in the gym.

It can be hard when fitness isn’t just a stepping stone in your life, but a full blown path on your journey. We talk a lot about how fitness is for life, and how we want to find a way to make it last our whole lifetime.

But we can’t be perfectly on point our whole lives. Life will interfere, things will get in the way and try to derail us, and that is okay. We have to expect it, even embrace it when we have to.

If you miss your workout on Monday, are you going to throw away the whole week and give up? Or are you just going to try again tomorrow, and the day after that if that’s what it takes? We all know the answer to that.

Same goes for the whole lifestyle in fitness and wellness, if I eat one food that isn’t in line with my nutrition goals, do I throw away all of my progress and efforts so far? You know the drill!

So when life throws adversity at you, take a minute to be easy on yourself. Don’t start spiraling down the path of negativity and blow everything up, just fix what you can, keep going and try again.