Why Mindset is Important

Why is mindset, the right mindset, so important?

Or is it?

Mindset is all about perspective.

The way we think, along with our past experiences, frame the way we view the world. Think of them as glasses through which we see and interpret EVERYTHING. 

So if we can change our mindset, we can change our perspective (read: view of the world), and overall control our happiness. Isn’t that what we all want? To be happy?

So how important is the RIGHT mindset?

I would say pretty important. 

With the right mindset we can achieve a healthy self image. If we have better self esteem it reflects in all aspects of our life. How we do at work. How we interact with our loved ones. The better we feel about ourselves, the better we perform at life. 

How about a positive attitude? Yup, the right mindset can help with that too! Instead of dwelling on the past or things you can’t control, the right mindset can reframe any situation to see the bright side.

The right mindset can help us find new drive and ambition, in anything we do. We no longer need to look for external rewards and instead can find some type of intrinsic motivation with any activity (regardless of how dull it is) and therefore find joy in it. 

Ever face a difficult challenge in your life? I mean come on, everyone has! How we handle adversity is all about our mindset. We can choose to point the finger or complain, or we can choose to take action and change it. It all depends on your mindset. 

So why is the right mindset important? Well, because it is the base of everything we do. How we view and process the information that we receive on a daily basis from the world. Want a better view? Adopt a better mindset. 

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Coach Andy is an Owner and Head Coach at Tradewinds. He grew up in traditional martial arts and uses that rigor and discipline in his CrossFit training. The more technical the movement, the better, with his specialty being the olympic lifts, especially the snatch.