You Don’t Need to “Reset”

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So it’s January 2023 now… A new year! The celebration but stress of the holidays are over and it’s time for a fresh start. The old “reset” if you will, right? 


Well, to be honest I don’t really believe in that. Yes, you may have spent the last several days to weeks consuming more cookies and skipping more workouts than you may care to admit, but there is nothing wrong with that. 


That time is meant to be enjoyed, to be spent with friends and family. To celebrate ourselves and the close of another year long chapter. To maybe splurge and invest in a different kind of self care, one that involves giving yourself a break and treating yourself. 


So, why don’t I believe in the “reset” in the new year you may ask? 


Because it’s only a few days out of the whole 365 that we are given. It doesn’t necessarily matter if the end of your year doesn’t go as smoothly as planned health wise. It is a challenging time for everyone, and we can’t expect ourselves to be perfect. 


If you got to the gym 3 days a week instead of 5, that’s okay. Heck, if you got in 1 time per week at all around the chaos of December that’s a win in itself! 


If you consumed more desserts and decadent dishes than usual that’s okay too, because if it meant spending time with people you love gathered around that delicious food that is a beautiful thing in itself. 


Those days, workouts and calories are a drop in the bucket compared to the consistent work and effort most of us have put in for the other 11 months. Trust that your fitness and health are not in jeopardy solely because of the last couple of weeks. 


What we should be focused more on is maintaining that level of consistency throughout the year so that we can have those times that we truly enjoy ourselves. 


So don’t try and “reset” yourself, just set yourself up for success by either continuing to maintain your routine or establishing one that you know can be sustainable for you moving forward. It’s as simple as that! Give yourself some grace and trust that your long term commitment will carry you through challenging times. With that type of mindset and plan you’ll never even need to consider “resetting” yourself. Always be trying. Always be setting yourself up for success. Future you will thank you. 


Not sure how to establish a routine or where to start? Click below to start the process!

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