Chase Perfection, Catch Excellence

Our quote of the month for April is one I want to challenge us with, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” 

I love this mindset. 

It’s not possible or realistic to try and be perfect, I think we all know that. But why not push ourselves to reach for it at the very least? 

Even if we know we are not going to be perfect, it is a solid mindset to take on. Challenging ourselves to strive for the best we can do is never going to be a bad thing. 

If the worst case scenario is that we fail but we still end up with excellence that’s a pretty decent trade off right? 

As we enter into the spring and ultimately summer, it tends to be a time packed with excuses, drop offs in habits and routines, and overall a reality check. When life gets busy, when you’ve lost the “new year new you” mindset, will you still show up for yourself? 

So I want to challenge us to push ourselves this season, when things get hard let’s not take the easy out, let’s try harder

Yes we may stumble, yes we may fail, yes it is going to be difficult, but it’s not anything we aren’t capable of. 

Today, next week, next month, make a promise to yourself to chase perfection, to push yourself to be the best version of yourself you possibly can. And then I’ll see you on the other side of excellence, still just as proud. 

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