How To Be More Resourceful

The other day we had a 5pm class that was so full it actually had a waitlist! A couple people mentioned even being bummed to miss their workout because they saw how full class was and decided to just take a rest day instead. To which another athlete responded that he had the same problem, so instead decided to come at 6:15pm which isn’t his usual time, but it allowed him to get his workout in.

I noticed some people pause, and say “huh, I guess I could have done that too…” which brings up the topic of resourcefulness today!

Now it’s not rocket science to look at a full class and say “okay, I’ll just take the next one” but it is a good representation of problem solving amidst obstacles. Sometimes we get so caught up in our routines we forget how to change to accommodate unexpected challenges. I might be so used to taking the 5pm class everyday that I forget that there are 5 other classes offered on most days!

Have a late meeting? Why not mix it up and try a morning class? Missed your alarm? It’s not too late we have plenty of other options! This may seem obvious but sometimes stating the obvious is a reminder that it is obvious.

This goes beyond the gym too, we have a lot of athletes who travel, and I know many people could choose to miss out on workouts but instead they take their workouts on the road instead. They’ll check out the workout on Kilo or SugarWOD and then modify to fit the gym at their hotel. Or some people may be stuck at home for whatever reason (sick kids, blizzard, etc) but choose to use the equipment they have to make it work so they don’t miss their daily pump.

Heck, we even had someone choose to walk to the gym during the snow storm on Tuesday because they didn’t want to miss their workout- that’s dedication people!

Now we have an attendance challenge coming up in March, which I highly encourage everyone to participate in by the way, but in order to get to the gym more it’s going to take some creativity for some of us! If you need help don’t be afraid to talk to a coach about how we can help you plan for success and find your inner resourcefulness.