Saturdays at TW

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I see a lot of you during the week.  I don’t see a lot of you on Saturday mornings! Why is that, fitfam?  Are you busy with family obligations?  We have an 8am!  Do you like to sleep in on Saturdays?  Take a luxurious afternoon nap or make it a lazy Sunday instead.

Let’s break this down.  Saturdays are a vibe! We never take ourselves too seriously and inevitably spend the first five minutes of class talking about where we are going after class for the best breakfast sammies, donuts, or mimosas.  Pro tip:  get the mountain muffin breakfast sandwich or a griddled blueberry muffin at Jac’s next door – you’re welcome in advance.  Saturdays are for having fun, burning some calories, having a lot of laughs, and starting the weekend off with big energy.

Saturdays are almost always a Grind-style workout, usually a little longer than a mid-week Grind.  Grinds are great because YOU decide how to attack it.  If you’re not feeling awesome, go light and take more rest.  If you’re feeling like a beast, go heavy and fast.  Saturday Grinds aren’t complex – we focus on movements that are easy to scale to wherever you are that day.

Every other Saturday, we do a partner workout where you split the work with another athlete or even a team of three.  What that generally means is while one person is working, the other is resting.  I know, I know – a lot of you don’t like partner workouts.  The sentiment I hear most frequently is, “I don’t want to slow anyone down”.  I promise you – you won’t!  Fitness is always more fun with friends (especially Tradewinds friends).  If a partner workout is a hard pass, don’t fret, we always provide an option to do the workout solo.

So let’s get some fresh faces in on Saturdays to join the fun – I promise you won’t be disappointed.  And who knows, maybe I’ll bring donuts…

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