Top 3 Ways to Prevent Injuries in the Gym

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Odds are if you clicked on this link you are already a gym goer or exerciser. Regardless of how regularly you go to the gym/workout, injuries are always going to be a top concern. Let’s face it, as much as we know you don’t want to be kept out of the gym by an injury, likely you can’t afford that luxury in your day to day life outside the gym as well. So what can we do to stay safe? 

  • Properly Warm Up 

The warm up is so much more than just the first couple of minutes in the gym, it truly sets the tone for your entire workout. The first thing we do when we start a warm up is mentally check into a workout. This allows us to leave the stress of the outside world at the front door, and take this time to seriously make the connection between mind and body. The warm up is also exactly as it sounds, a way to “warm up” the body literally. Trying to go from baseline to working hard in the gym will unapologetically leave you feeling like junk. The warm up should be used to target all of the muscle groups that are feeling tight or sore, as well as focusing on the ones that are about to be used. Think about it, you wouldn’t try to cook spaghetti without turning on the stove and boiling some water first, right? We gotta fire up our bodies like the stove and boil some water before we get cookin’!  

  • Find Your Lynchpin 

If you’re unfamiliar with this term, your lynchpin is basically your weak point. If you’ve ever been told you have tight ankles, that your glutes are inactive or that your shoulder mobility could use some work, these are great examples. First off is identifying what could use some work, and how it applies to the workout. If we know we have tight ankles, you better believe we are working some ankle mobility into the warm up or even before the warm up starts, especially on squat heavy days. As you become more familiar with it, you can actually use your lynchpin to your advantage. You can learn how to tackle it head on to the point where it eventually isn’t even a concern. 

  • Listen to your Body 

Probably the most challenging, yet also the most important. This one comes into play from the moment you walk in the door, until the workout starts and proceeds. While it might sound a little earthy crunchy to “tune in to your body” it truly is so important. We need to be aware of what our body is feeling going into and throughout a workout so we can assess what we are capable of doing. If we come into the gym feeling like we just got run over by a truck, it’s probably not the day to be a hero and try for a PR. However, if we come in feeling fresh and fired up, we know we are ready to push safely because the body is ready for it. Additionally, throughout the workout this is the best way to stay safe. If we are feeling like the dumbbells we chose for an overhead press are at risk of jacking up the shoulders, we probably need to lighten things up a bit. That being said, if I can crank out 100 strict presses with the 5lb DBs without feeling a single thing, it might be time to amp things up a bit. It’s all about tuning in, connecting with what you feel and responding to that info the body is giving. 


At Tradewinds, we take pride in addressing all of these things with our athletes. Our warm ups are customly curated by each coach for the specifics of the daily workout. Every athlete has been properly assessed and informed on possible weak spots to work on. We try to go above and beyond in encouraging our athletes to listen to their bodies, and truly respect what they are capable of in each and every workout. We like to push ourselves, we like to have fun, but most importantly we like to stay safe. We never have to treat an injury if we are prepared enough not to even risk acquiring them. 


If this sounds like something you are interested in learning more about, click the link below to get connected with our team!

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