April 2018 – Athlete of the Month

The Athlete of the Month for April is Heather!
This month’s athlete is someone who has had an extensive fitness history who came to CrossFit and found a great new way to workout and stick with it! Heather’s been regularly participating in our internal competitions since she started with us just over half a year ago, and she’s still going! Let’s check her out!

Athlete Interview
CFT: Where are you from?
Heather: Born and raised Winthropite!

CFT: How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Heather: I joined CrossFit in July 2017, so 9 months.

CFT: Did you have a fitness background prior to starting CrossFit?
Heather: Fitness has actually been a huge part of my life for many years. Everything from group fitness, powerlifting, running and instructing spin classes.

CFT: What motivated you to try CrossFit?
Heather: After almost 2 years of straight weightlifting and cardio programs almost 6 days a week I injured my back, putting a halt on some of the strength training I had been doing. I decided it was time for a change. Time to find a way to give myself a great workout without having to spend almost 2 hours in the gym. I wanted to work hard, but also allow my body to recover. I liked the idea of having educated coaches to help me with form, something I had never had before.

CFT: If you could program your dream WOD, what would it be?
Heather: It would definitely be a longer one. I do better at pacing than I do going all out. Box jumps, kettle bells, HSPU and cleans are some of my favorites.

CFT: What is your proudest accomplishment since joining CFT?
Heather: I’d have to say I’m happiest about some of the progress I have made. In December I couldn’t even do a kipping pull up, but in the Open I struggled through a C2B workout! It’s also cool to see my strength increase without having to squat or shoulder press multiple times a week like I used to as a bodybuilder/powerlifter.

CFT: How has CFT helped you in your everyday life?
Heather: I now look forward to going to class everyday where as before I dreaded the boredom of the weight room or stair master. It also gives me more energy all around.

CFT: What do you like to do outside of the gym?
Heather: I am totally a summertime person, so when that hits you can find me taking walks with my best bud Jake (the puggle). I also love a day at the beach or a road trip to NH for a nice long hike in the mountains.

CFT: What is your favorite song to workout to?
Heather: I’d have to say my first choice is rock or old school hip hop.

CFT: What else would you like to share with your CFT fam?
Heather: Admittedly I was completely intimidated when starting CFT. What broke this fear was all the people I have met here. The coaches are amazing, they push you but are super helpful and encouraging. The members have been nothing but awesome too! Everyone is friendly and encouraging. I have been lucky enough to float a bit during the week in terms of what classes I take and I love it because I get to workout with almost everyone at some point during the week. I’ve had so much fun learning new things and working to improve always!


Thanks for your hard work and dedication in the gym, Heather! Congrats on earning this honor!