How To Feel Good About Yourself This Summer

The summertime can feel like the worst time of the year to focus on your wellness goals.

A cookout here, a birthday party over there, a week long vacation next week, followed by another cookout the weekend after…

But the truth is that you can make progress towards your goals any time of the year and there is no better time to start making that progress than right now.

I want you to ask yourself one question…

When it comes to your health this summer, will you make progress, even if it seems like small progress or will you regress and be worse off healthwise when the fall rolls around?

The best way NOT to make progress is to wait for the perfect time to start. 

The best way TO make progress is to just start, and then to keep going, no matter what’s going on in your life around you. 

Taking care of yourself now will never make you worse off later, even if you have a cookout planned every weekend for the rest of the summer.

You do not need to be perfect to make progress. You do not need to obsess over how committed you can be right now to make progress.

You just need to start. 

A 1% improvement on any of the 78 days left this summer will have a compounding effect on how you feel throughout the rest of the summer and right into the fall.

You can still enjoy your summer alongside taking care of yourself. 

There are LOTS of creative ways to prioritize your health during our fun summer months. 

How will you set yourself up differently this summer so you can look and feel good now? 

What standard will you have for yourself and what example will you be creating for others?

There is a lot going on this summer; crazy schedules, cookouts, vacations, and more. But we can also say that just about any other time of the year. 

Taking care of yourself now is worth more than any excuse.

Feeling good about yourself now is worth creating a plan to make real self-care a priority this summer. 

This is the week for you to decide.

We’re now just about 2 weeks into the summer.

This week is where we either take control of our summer schedule or be controlled by it.

You’re not alone!

If you’re a current Tradewinds client then we’ve got you! Both inside and outside of the gym. 

Struggling to find the motivation to commit to getting in? Away for a week on vacation? Struggling to manage your nutrition with all the summer events? 

Let us know and we can help!

Not a current Tradewinds client? 

That’s okay too! We can also help you! All that it takes is reaching out to us and we will start by having a talk. It’s that simple to get started. 

Will you take advantage of it?

We’re ready to help you with the process of taking control of your summer so it’s one of progression and not regression.

Let’s feel good this summer together!