Recovering Right

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If you’re like me, or most people in fitness for that matter, then you operate on one speed: GO. And if you can relate to this, you have probably also found yourself in a similar position as the one I found myself in a while back… injured and in denial. 


There was a nagging pain and discomfort in my abdomen for weeks, I couldn’t breathe as deeply as usual and it was clear that strenuous exercise wasn’t making it any better. And yet I kept going, and going hard. 


The solution is obvious right? Take a break, relax, take some time off from the gym. Well I learned that is much easier said than done. Myself, being a fitness professional, of all people should have been able to listen to my body and give it what it needed. So why was it so hard? 


Well, what I realized is that sometimes we get so caught up in the routine that is daily life, that we forget to stop and truly appreciate all that our body does for us. This is something that’s easy to take for granted, until you have to. Think about it, if your car had a flat tire, would you just ignore it and still drive around? I’m guessing no, you would take the time to go get it repaired. I’m also guessing your body is a whole lot more valuable to you than your car (or at least it should be), so we need to treat it as such and make time to take care of ourselves. 


So I slowed down, took the advice of those around me and gave my body a full rest week. What I found was not shocking, but in a way remarkable… My body healed itself. I don’t stop to appreciate that enough, which is why when I thought about it I realized the importance of this lesson. Our body does incredible things, whether it’s a 150lb deadlift or walking up the stairs, it’s crucial to recognize how spectacular we are. 


Now the message is clear, it is easier to take a few days or a week off and recover right than it is to keep pushing through pain or discomfort and damaging yourself further. Whether it’s an injury, sickness, or just general run downness from life, listen to your body. If you give your body what it needs it will give back to you, so keep listening and more importantly keep reminding yourself how awesome you are!

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