Tradewinds Open Challenge 2024

When: March 1st-March 29th, Open Workouts Friday the 15th, 22nd and 29th @ 6:15pm

Where: Tradewinds Fitness, with a celebratory night out after the event on the 29th

Why: To promote consistent attendance, build connections through teamwork, and an opportunity to challenge yourself in new ways. 

The Tradewinds Open Challenge will be a team competition that will take place from March 1st through March 29th. We will be dividing up all of our participants evenly into two teams. For the entirety of March athletes will attend as many group classes or personal training sessions and open workouts as they can in order to win points for their team.

This Challenge will consist of two components. One aspect will be attendance tracking, for those who participate 1 point will be awarded for every single class or personal training session they attend during the designated period. 

The second aspect will be “open workouts”, athletes will be awarded 1 Point for each individual open workout they complete. Open workouts will be assigned by the coaches, released prior to the event, and take place on the designated Friday nights only starting at 6:15pm, for what we will be calling “Friday Night Lights”. 

Open Workouts will take place across 3 Fridays in March, the 15th, 22nd and the 29th.  

Ways to collect points:

1 Point is awarded per class/session attended between 3/1-3/29

1 Point per Open workout completed (on 3/15, 3/22 and 3/29) 

1 Point is also awarded for “coaching” a fellow athlete through an open workout. 

Athletes will keep track of their individual points on our Point Poster on the gym whiteboard each week.

To be perfectly clear, points will be awarded based on ATTENDANCE only, you can only WIN points for your team, it isn’t possible to lose points. Performance is not how to earn points, showing up and doing your best is all we ask! So no, you will not “hold your team back” by participating, you will only hold yourself back by choosing not to join in on the fun! 

The open workouts will be programmed by your expert coaches and will be released prior to Friday Night Lights. Workouts will be aligned with our functional fitness style, while also attempting to challenge and push athletes out of their comfort zones. A variety of levels, modifications for skill and injury, and personalization will be available for each workout, so anyone, regardless of their current ability or limitations can sign-up to participate. Coaches will be working with each and every athlete to determine how to choose the best approach to each workout to provide the best experience possible. Athletes will also have the chance to coach & cheer on their fellow teammates and help with participation in the workouts. 

The challenge will culminate in a fun athlete night out celebration.

For any questions about the challenge, reach out to Coach Mary at