Coach Caren

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Caren has been an athlete at Tradewinds since before we opened and has been coaching on our team since June 2018. She is also Tradewinds Head Nutrition Coach and has helped so many individuals create sustainable foundations and habits around our nutrition and overall health. She brings so much passion and love for movement and wellness, and today we are happy to celebrate all things Caren. 


So today we flipped the script and interviewed Caren to learn more about her and why she is so wonderful. Here it is:


TW – Where are you originally from? Have you lived in other places?
Caren – Grew up in Germany, NH and had all our kids in Michigan.


TW – What is one of your first memories as a Coach at TW?
Caren – I used to spend 20 min before every class thinking about each movement. I filled a whole notebook with notes working through timing, stimulus, and movement standards. I was so amazed at how quickly Andy could speak through movement standards. My brain was struggling to remember the difference between a clean and a snatch.


TW – If you could program your dream WOD, what would it be?
Caren – I’ve done so many workouts now that I’m not sure I have a dream WOD. I like anything with a barbell except thrusters. I like wall balls.


TW – What is your proudest accomplishment since joining TW?
Caren – I always wanted a pull-up and had never been able to do one in my whole life. I worked on it consistently every time I came in and got my first one just before my 40th birthday. ANother thing – My squats are better now than they were 6 years ago. There’s always new things to learn about your body. It’s fun.


TW – What is your favorite song/type of music you like to workout to?
Caren – If there is going to music, I like it to be something I know all the words to. But if it’s just me in the gym I’ll often have no lights and no music.


TW – How has TW helped you in your everyday life?
Caren – Movement is therapy for me. I read the book The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk about how our bodies hold onto trauma, and movement can be a way of processing experiences. Movement helps me process my day by allowing stress to pass out of me.


TW – What is your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?
Caren – Eat tasty things??? Spend time with my family while eating things. Watercoloring – I paint things.


TW – What is one major thing you have learned as a coach?
Caren – People are fascinating. I love the stories of our gym members and look forward every day to the conversations I get to have with all of you.


Also, in case you missed it last month during our Tea Tuesday Series, here are some additional fun facts about Coach Care:

  • I never thought of myself as an athlete until college when I tried out for DIV I Rowing at BU at the invitation of my roommate. A timed three mile run was the first test and somehow I finished it, and then made the team.
  • CrossFit changed how I thought about my body. I was feeling old at 39 and injuries were limiting how I could move and consequently my confidence about life was affected. Constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement, has helped me access the strength and confidence to live in my body and like it. Exercise has become a form of spiritual discipline for me.
  • I love the season of advent (which we are in right now)! It’s my favorite holiday. I look forward to it all year, and get advent calendars for all my kids. The paradox of waiting for something and having it at the same time. The idea of light in darkness. It’s my experience of life.
  • I knit things. Lots of things. Since I was a senior in high school.
  • I am fascinated by birds, we have 2 parakeets that live in our bathroom. I joke with Drew that when the kids move out I am going to get into falconry and keep one in one of their bedrooms…


Caren, thank you for always bringing your best self to our community and for sharing your love and passion for movement with each of us every day! We are so grateful for everything you are and everything you do. Thank you!