Sneaker Heads!

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Sometimes I revert to the fever-dream that was 2006 and start singing the “Shoes” song from that random Youtube video (If you know, you know). While cleaning out my closet preparing to move to a new apartment, I’ve started to recognize that I might possibly have a shoe obsession…and I can only blame that video for being the origin of it. 


In all seriousness, I am a big believer that shoes say a lot about a person and their values. Are they strutting in stilettos? Very fashion-forward. Are they always in Rothy’s? A sustainable savant. Maybe they wear no shoes at all…then they clearly have different values than I do. 


This goes for your gym shoes as well: the shoes you wear to the gym say a lot about you and what you value in your workout. Shoes also change your game when it comes to lifting, running, plyometrics, etc. Sneakers with flat soles give you the ability to grip the ground with your toes, while cushier sneaks can help propel you forward while running. Different movements call for different equipment, and shoes are just the same. 


But with all the different brands and versions out there, how’s a girl to decide what to get? Well, I put my investigative journalism degree to good use and dug up the favorite shoes of your Tradewinds coaches. Here’s what I found.


**Disclaimer: This is not meant to influence you to spend thousands of dollars on shoes. Unless you want to, in which case, I support it. 🙂


Coach Colleen


Metcon: Hands down the best overall metcon shoe for me is the Nike Free Metcon 4. This hybrid sneaker provides the perfect amount of cushioning for short bouts of running, box jumps, jump rope, etc. while still providing stability for lighter lifts in a WOD. This is my go-to shoe that I reach for the most. They can be slightly pricey (about $120), but I bought them at Dick’s Sporting Goods after signing up for their text alerts and got 20% off. I would recommend these to anyone. 


Lifting: Though my Free Metcons get the most love, I do like something less cushioned for heavier lifting days, specifically when we are squatting. I actually prefer the Reebok Nano X, but they have a wide toe box and Reebok doesn’t make these anymore as the Nano series grows. I have recently switched to NOBULL cross trainers because they are more narrow for my small feet. NOBULLs work well, but are expensive (shout out to my teacher discount) and a hit or miss for some people. I like them, but not as much as my old Nano X. This is a tough category for me, so I’m still working out the kinks on this one. 


Running: Brooks running shoes are my ride or die. I recommend going to a store to get fitted, or taking their online quiz to find the right pair for how you run. I recently switched to the Glycerin GTS 19 to help stabilize my feet and ankles as I run, and I LOVE THEM. They are cushy, supportive and propel me forward.  Pro Tip: Like Reebok, Brooks releases new versions of the same shoe every year. I bought last year’s model on Amazon for a steep discount. 


Street Style: Vans Ward Lo sneakers are my ride or die pair of street sneaks. They go with EVERYTHING.  I switch between those and my Nike Court Vision Lows. 


Coach Mary

My favorite shoes are the free ones (aka gifts) or ones I’m forced to buy in hotel lobbies because my flip flops broke before an excursion. I’m literally the worst when it comes to sneakers/shoes


But what I’m currently working out in are 1st generation NoBull sneakers. They were a gift. 


Coach Caren

I just got these vivobarefoot shoes. I like them a lot. They have a wide toe-box but fit snug around my instep and heel. I’ve been working lots of foot and ankle rehab this year after my stress fracture. Research points to weak foot muscles contributing to lots of foot problems (tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, etc.). A narrow toe box limits your big toe and all the work it’s meant to be doing, as well as blood flow in your foot. My feet feel better than they did a year ago, and they are definitely stronger because of all the work I’m putting in. (Link to a coupon for Coach Caren’s favorite shoes!)


Coach Gabby

Everyone knows I am kind of a sneaker head… so this blog is my jam right now. Here’s my list of do’s for in and out of the gym 🙂

Lifting: I love my OG Nike Metcons (not sure what model, but I am sure all are great at this point). I literally got them when I was in college and they are my tried and true shoes for lift-dominant workouts. I love how flat and supportive they are, and how grounded I feel in them. I feel like I have a tone of grip and am able to really lock in my stance. They also fit comfortably and look cool!

Plyometrics: For anything that involves a jump rope, box or explosive movement, I love my NoBull trainers. They are comfortable, well fitted and supportive. They also have a little give so that when I jump and land I feel confident in my feet and what they need to do. I feel light, springy and athletic in these!

Running: So, I have gone back and forth on this one; I’ve tried many different shoes and ran many many miles. I recently popped into a marathon sports store and had my LIFE CHANGED. Not only did they inform me I was wearing half a size too small, but they hooked me up with my new Hoka Arahi 6’s. These feel like walking on clouds. They fit loosely (which is good because I learned your feet swell when you run and need room to expand), and have an awesome foot strike. Every time I hit the ground I feel like I am landing softly and able to spring right back off the ground.

Everyone’s feet are different, but if any of these descriptions resonate with you, just know you have my 100% approval of these shoes!


Coach Meredith

Metcon: Nike Metcon Free for CrossFit workouts because they are super flexible, stable, and cushioned for the variety of movements in any workout! 


Lifting: Reebok Legacy Lifters for Olympic lifting. They give you lifting super powers! Keeps you grounded. 


Running: Nike Zoom Pegasus are my go to running shoes! They give you wings and make you run like a wild horse! Lol


Everyday: White high top All Star Converse for everyday shoe. Gives you that classy sporty look for all kinds of outfits! 


Coach Andy

Everyday: NoBulls

Conditioning: Nike Metcon

Lifting: Nike Romeo

Not gym related: Converse


Coach Michaela


If you know me at all, you know there’s two things I love to talk about – food and sneakers – and I’m very passionate about both.  So, I was excited when Colleen asked for our opinion on sneaks!  Here are my faves:


Best for training: Nike Metcon Free.  My absolute favorite training shoe. Flat enough to lift and enough cushion for running and jumping.  I’ve had every version of these since Nike started making them and they keep getting better.  Great if you prefer a more snug fit in the toe box like I do.


Best for lifting: Reebok Nano 10. Sturdy and flat – allow for a strong base.  Terrible for running, even short distances.  Nanos always tend to stretch out fast for me, so buyer beware. On the other hand, they are always on sale – never pay full price for Reebok!


Best for running:  Asics Gel Nimbus.  I’ve been wearing this running shoe for years and it never disappoints – even when the model changes. Lots of cushion and structure, and so comfy.  These were all I was able to wear when I had plantar fasciitis years ago!

Best for every day:  Not necessarily in this order: Vans, ADIDAS superstar, ADIDAS NMD, NOBULL Mesh Runner

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