Start Now- Part 3

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Weeks 3-5  – Part 3 of my 6 Week Nutrition Coaching Journey


Week 3, ahhh, vacation!

I knew I wanted (and needed) to have a chance to relax, recover and enjoy myself during vacation. So we set some realistic “vacation goals.” 


The goals:

  1. Drink a glass of water at each meal
  2. Roughly track my protein using a visual guide – the palm of my hand
  3. Aim for 23 nutritious meals out of 28 of my meals throughout the week


Vacation was great. Did I hit my 3 goals every day while I was away? Not quite. Did I relax and enjoy myself without guilt? Absolutely. Did I ruin all the progress I had made the 2 weeks prior? Definitely not. 


Additional things that happened on vacation…


Because of the work I’d been doing, I saw myself naturally carry over some positive changes. My mindset around my nutrition and my goals greatly helped with a lot of that. 


I drank less alcohol overall compared to what I typically would have done on vacation. I stayed better hydrated. I sought out nutritious food options when I could, and I didn’t mindlessly graze. I ate for energy but also to enjoy it. I really enjoyed my meals, whether it was when I was indulging or when I was being more conservative. I didn’t put unnecessary pressure on myself to aim for perfection.


The most important take away was that I never felt deprived to enjoy myself. I knew regardless of how my nutrition looked while I was away, I wasn’t ruining anything. 


And… I came home relaxed and recovered.


Week 4… So going back to reality is hard…


Week 4 was my most challenging week (so far). Getting back into something tends to be where I am challenged the most, but to add to the mix, I also got a cold and had low energy and very little appetite. 


My cold had me coughing a lot, so instead of getting right back into the gym when I got home, which typically helps kick drive my motivation to focus on goals again, I needed to take some more time off to rest my body.


Because of the coughing I was also drinking a lot of tea and consuming a lot of cough drops, which plummeted my appetite. 


In this moment I tried to focus on what I could control. I continued to have meaningful check-in conversations with Coach Caren and aimed to try my best without trying to overdo it while my body was recovering from being sick.


Now I found myself in a place where I had been “off” for over two weeks. Was I worried about losing all the progress I had made in the first two weeks? Those thoughts definitely crossed my mind. But I remained hopeful because I knew I had two solid weeks left to give it my all.


Stick around to find out next week how my last two weeks of nutrition coaching went down and what my final results are… You’re going to be surprised at what I found out!


In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to me about any questions you might have. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coach Caren if you’re ready for a nutrition refresh and some wonderful and supportive accountability.

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