You’re Destroying Yourself by Doing This

Listen, STOP burying yourself in workouts EVERYDAY!

So if you’re reading this I’m going to guess you’re about 30-40 years old. You’ve got a family. You’ve got a full time job. And you’re day is full of stress. Stress at work. Stress at home.

Let me guess, you wake up every morning and go hammer down on the treadmill or rower everyday, day after day, and you’ve been doing it for a year or more now, and you’re still not seeing the results you want. 

Sound about right?

High Intensity Equals More Stress

Here’s the deal, when you do high intensity workouts it increases the amount of stress hormone, cortisol, in your body. 

Now cortisol in itself isn’t bad, but when we have elevated levels of it for extended periods of time it wreaks havoc on our bodies. 

Elevated stress levels shifts our body into survival mode, and you know what it loves to do in survival mode? Store fat! 

No wonder you’re having a hard time losing that spare tire. You’re body is on level 11 of survival mode between all the stress you’ve placed on between the stress at home, work, and the increased cortisol levels from your high intensity workouts. 

Too Much Recovery Required

You also can’t be spending 2 hours after a workout recovering. You go to the gym to squeeze a workout in an hour, then it’s back home to shuffle the kids to school or off to the office for a day of sitting behind a desk and dealing with your boss. 

Ain’t nobody got time to lay down on the couch and recover from crushing yourself in a workout. Even though you know that’s what you need, no way that’s happening. 

So instead of digging yourself an early grave by burying yourself in workouts everyday, strength train 3-4x a week and do zone 2 conditioning 2-3x a week. 

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